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By properly using our plugins you ensure your payments are compliant with PCI-DSS compliance standards. No extra work on your part needed!

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Our JavaScript Library securley tokenizes sensitive information, so you can safely process payments with our API. Check out our API Docs here.

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://static.due.com/v1.2/due.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

    (function() {
        // START Installation Settings

        // 1. Set Environment
        var dueEnv = 'stage'; // set to 'stage' or 'prod'

        // 2. Set Your Account's Rail Type
        var dueRailType = 'us_dp2'; // set to 'us_dp2' or 'us_int'

        // 3. Load Due.js

        // 4. Set Public Key
        var publicKey = '';

        // 5. Set App Id
        var appId = '';
        // END Installation Settings

            "first_name":       'Bob',
            "last_name":        'Jones',
            "email":            'customer@email.com',
            "card_number":      '4242424242424242',
            "cvv":              '123',
            "exp_month":        '03',
            "exp_year":         '2022',
            "address": {
                "postal_code":  '94105'
        }, function(data) {
            if (data.errors) {
                // handle error response
            } else {
                // success!
                // you can safely pass along any data here to your servers
                var card_id = data.card_id;
                var card_hash = data.card_hash;


\Due\Due::setEnvName('stage'); //set to 'stage' or 'prod'
\Due\Due::setRailType('us_dp'); //set to 'us_dp' or 'us_int'
\Due\Due::setApiKey(''); // SET API SECRET KEY HERE. DO NOT SHARE!
\Due\Due::setAppId(''); // SET APP ID HERE

$card_id = ''; // card id from Due.js
$card_hash = ''; // card hash from Due.js

$transaction = \Due\Charge::card(array(
    'amount' =>     '5.00',
    'currency' =>   'USD',
    'card_id' =>    $card_id',
    'card_hash' =>  $card_hash'

$transaction_id = $transaction->id;

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Same great payments integrations for your mobile apps!

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Made for businesses of all sizes, Due’s API can be leveraged for fast and secure in-store and mobile payments.

Customers API

Manage Customer data via our API or from your Due account.

Payments API

Charge Customers, Refund Payments, and View Transaction info from our API or from your Due account.

Custom Payment Integration

Contact us about customized payment integration requests.

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With very few lines of code necessary, Due seamlessly becomes a part of your payment process.

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Since your app won’t be handling any of the payment information, then you can be confident that you are PCI compliant.

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