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Being wealthy is a common goal. Financial freedom and stability open up many exciting doors in life. Plus, they close doors of anxiety and worry over paying bills or buying meals. Despite a common desire for wealth, though, many people are not able to reach that point. One large reason is that it is challenging, […]

We are told from a young age that we should give back to others. This could be through charity, volunteer work, or other means. This idea may be intertwined with religion and societal values. It makes sense, too. Giving back makes the world a better place. We also do not need all of the resources […]

Not getting enough clients is one of the worst feelings. Without quantifiable success, it can seem like everything that you are working on and care about is for nothing. Plus, without enough clients, there is often a sense of urgency to generate more revenue. This can be especially frustrating when you believe that you are […]

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A propensity for personal growth is one of the most valuable attributes one can have. To be a successful entrepreneur, you are going to face a lot of challenges throughout your life. Learning and growing from them is the only way to continue moving forward, improve your situation and stay motivated. Therefore, you have to […]


The initial public offering market in the United States has seen a lot of activity this year, but it hasn’t all been good news. While we’ve had several big-name brands go live — including Lyft, Pinterest, and Uber — some have stumbled notably as they stepped out of the proverbial IPO gate. These cases garnered significant negative attention from the media […]

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The advantages of a pay raise are pretty clear. More money is always a plus, a raise tends to put you in a higher leadership position, and you have more going for you when applying for new jobs. Despite your effort, and how much you might believe you deserve a raise, there are many reasons […]

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Influence, money, and power are highly valued in society today. It makes sense. Being able to get others to do what you would like them to do can help your dreams become realities. Financial stability and freedom allow for more opportunity and comfortability in life. Having money and influence leads to power which gives you […]

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One of the largest differentiators for the happiest and most successful people is their ability to set the right goals as well as reach them more quickly. Doing so allows you to grow more as a person, accomplish/experience more, and get farther along in your journey. Taking a tactical approach towards setting and accomplishing your […]

Navigating all of the obstacles in life is difficult for everyone. There is a significant amount of work needed to take care of those around you and and energy is even needed to manage the little things to get through each day. These little things add up and make it challenging to find the necessary […]

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