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Lately, I’m noting a lot of marketing myths coming through during consultations with potential clients. To be honest, this isn’t entirely unexpected in the age of the internet. Google “marketing” and you’ll get millions of hits with different people’s opinions. However, differing opinions are fine. Those aren’t even really myths. It’s simply different strategies to […]

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Small business owners don’t have the option to burn out. You’re the one at the helm of the ship. You’re the one building the business. Not to get too philosophical, but if the owner of a small business burns out, does that small business even exist? But when you are at the rudder, you can […]


It’s impossible to know when the concept of automation first began. Was it when the first factory was created, or does it go back further? I believe automation was born when the first person in history created something to make lives easier and reduce workloads. Regardless, the world we live in is becoming increasingly automated. […]

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Meetings pose an ongoing challenge for business leaders. The goal is to lead meetings more efficiently. However, that’s easier said then done. Although they’re a necessary part of effective communication and collaboration, meetings can easily become a drudgery for attendees. For years, interoffice meetings meant handing out a paper-based agenda. Participants would take notes on […]

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You’ve spent hours prospecting and have finally found a potential client. After a few calls they seem interested so you setup an in person meeting. Things are going great, the deal is coming together, and you can already taste the commission. Then, at the last minute they decide to go with one of your competitors […]

money habits

Technology startups dominate the headlines. Yet there are still many other industries that continue to power this country behind the scenes. Some have dismissed manufacturing in the U.S. as a dying industry, but changes are already underway. For example, places like the so-called Rust Belt are finding innovative ways to keep manufacturing alive. This include […]

motivation map

To earn the coveted Eagle Scout rank, Boy Scouts must complete at least 21 merit badges. A merit badge is an award for completing a required set of tasks in a specific area of study or expertise. For example, all Eagle Scouts must earn the camping, communications, first aid, and personal management. As an Eagle […]

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