like social media

Social media is not going anywhere any time soon. If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or small business owner, you can certainly benefit from creating a social media presence. You don’t have to be an expert to become a better social media marketer. Social media is free and anyone can use social platforms to get their […]

invoicing for freelancers

Ask any freelancer why they’ve chosen this path. You’re bound to get responses like: you get to do what you love, and you can set your own schedule. Or a freelancer may tell you that they can work wherever they want. Sometimes it feels like there are many negatives to freelancing, such as finding work, keeping […]

time management calculation

They say the early bird catches the worm. I’ve always believed this and perhaps it helps that I’m naturally an early riser. There are many reasons to start the day early even if you are not an early bird. Some people find that they work better at night and loathe mornings which is understandable because […]

exit strategy

Retirement can be scary, no matter who you are. It makes sense that some people are nervous about retirement. How much money do you really need for 20 years? What about 30 years? Will you get bored? Will you be lonely? Planning ahead and predicting the future is extremely difficult. It’s tempting to just make retirement planning tomorrow’s problem. […]

traits of freelancer

Working as a freelancer is not for everyone. Ask someone who went from freelance self-employment back to a full-time job about some of the pitfalls of freelancing. You may be entertained, but you are sure to get a ton of different answers. The real traits of a successful freelancer vary a bit. Ultimately, freelancing is a […]

computer invoicing tips

Every small business owner operates on what is often a shoestring budget. Hence, they have limited resources for investing in tools, processes, and equipment. But, when a free resource becomes available that provides something truly useful that helps a small business owner improve their company, it’s well worth sharing with others. Now, invoicing is one […]

new computer desk

Do a quick search for “the next big thing.” The results probably display article after article that announces artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the blockchain, autonomous driving, renewable energy, or wireless sensors that will essentially connect everything. The thing is, innovation is the next big thing. In fact, innovation has always played a part in determining an […]

Cross Borders

More people moving and interacting with others in various countries. Hence, it’s not surprising that an effective solution for moving money around the world continues to be in greater demand. The go-to option for international wire transfers has typically been to visit your bank. However, while a financial institution can provide international wire transfers, it doesn’t […]

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