Getting Your Morning Started Right

At one point in my life, I was a “morning person.” I’m not sure where that morning person is today, but she’s mostly gone. I struggle most mornings. In fact, one of the only reasons I manage to get out of bed most days is because I think it’s important to fix my son a […]

Deal With Credit Card Processing Fees

Credit card processing fees are a harsh reality of running a business. Unfortunately, if someone pays you anything with a credit card you won’t actually be seeing the full amount in your bank account. A portion of it will undoubtedly go to fees. People may not like credit card processing fees, but the alternatives are […]

Changing Business World

Do you remember the last time that you wrote a check or pulled out your credit card to make a purchase? For a majority of us, it’s probably been a pretty long-time. While technology has been rapidly changing the business to consumer payment industry, it’s also also being used in the business to business payment […]

Electronic Payment is Great for Freelancers

When I first started freelancing more than 10 years ago, most of my clients sent me checks for my work. The whole process was tedious, and I always worried about the reality of whether or not the check really was in the mail. However, just a couple of years after I started my career, the […]

Build a Business That Supports Your Life

The reason most of us decided to build a business was so that our work would be flexible enough for us to live the way we want. We probably start off just with passion, and then we  quickly learn that passion isn’t enough to build a business that supports our lives. Before we know it, […]

Blockchain Can Change How We Shop Online

A recent article in American Banker reported Bank of America is filing 20 patents that are related to blockchain technology, including a cryptocurrency wire transfer system and cryptocurrency transaction payment system. Additionally, organizations like the National Retail Federation are covering the topic of cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, and theorizing on how the benefits of new […]

Importance of Focusing

Last summer, my husband asked for a divorce. I let him know that I was committed and asked if he wanted to participate in marriage counseling. He was adamant that he wanted to end the marriage. After a couple of weeks of waking up every morning crying and trying to figure out whether I should […]

Time to Hire an Accountant

Tax season is upon us! That means it’s likely that freelancers are receiving 1099s from clients and trying to figure out how much money they made last year. It’s also possible that freelancers are ripping their hair out as they try to figure it all out themselves. If this is you, it may be time […]