Stop Procrastinating

There are times I find myself procrastinating. I almost always regret it. Procrastination can slow you down. Additionally, you might feel worse when you procrastinate, stuck without enough to accomplish anything, and no time to do what really matters. If you are looking for a little motivation for your life and business and hoping to stop […]

Misconceptions about Freelancing

I’m a freelancer. I think freelancing is a fantastic way to express yourself and get paid for it. BUT there are some things you should know. Things that I wish I knew long ago. Before you begin freelancing, make sure you’re smarter than whoever spread these major misconceptions… Tax Deductions Want to go to Bali?! […]

Add Value and Make More Money

Since beginning my career as a freelance writer, I’ve found other ways to turn one project into an opportunity to work on different kinds of projects for the same client. This means I’ve done everything from writing o teaching, to consulting and even creating videos for the same clients. The reality is that in the new […]

Never give up

We don’t like the thought of giving up, especially as entrepreneurs who are told to stick with it. Sometimes, though, it does make sense to give up. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dreams of financial independence or ultimately being successful in running your own business. When you give up, it […]

Freelance Income vs Salaried Income

Is freelancing more profitable or is working a single job more profitable? It’s a hard question than it seems. The following post will dig into what needs to be considered when comparing freelance income to salaried income. The numbers may surprise you. When You Work in a 9-5 Salaried Position, the Math Is Pretty Simple […]

Working While You Travel

At some point in your freelance business, you may have the opportunity to start traveling for work. Maybe a client needs you on-site for a project. Or, maybe you begin traveling to conferences in an effort to grow your business. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: As fun as it is […]

Getting Paid Upfront

While you have an army of nearly 54 million freelancers, according to our 2015 report, as a voice, it doesn’t necessarily mean that getting paid on time or at all has improved. According to a study conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Upwork, nearly 81% of freelancers have received late payments despite having completed their work within the […]

Setting Client Relationship Straight

Successful freelancers have lots and lots of clients. They go where they are needed. They tackle one project after the other, not stopping for anything. Different than many salaried employees, there are no meaningless meetings. There are no long chit chats at the water cooler. There are no moments for listening to cat stories from […]