Any small business owner knows that they usually have unique requirements for payment processing. When starting your small business, it’s important to equip yourself with a few basic merchant services for your customers. In my opinion, every small business should provide these services at a bare minimum. Credit Card and Debit Card Processing While this […]

Unknowingly Wasting Money

Many, many people are confused as to why they have never seem to get ahead with their finances. They never seem to have anything left at the end of the month. But this post can help turn all of that around. This post will shed light on the dark areas of your finances. Then you […]


Startup founders may think they have an idea about employee management but often they are very misinformed about what it takes to effectively manage talent. Mashable collected the ideas of 12 Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) members, including Due’s Angela Ruth, to see what misconceptions they have witnessed. According to Angela, one of the misconceptions about […]


If you’re not early you’re late. Punctuality is a characteristic that most people struggle to maintain in the work world. Especially if you’re a freelancer, your ability to complete tasks on time and meet deadlines is imperative for your business. The more reliable you are in meeting these deadlines, the more likely you’ll be hired […]

Professional Bloggers From the Amateurs

I’ve been going to a lot of blogging and social media events around town lately. In these events, the speaker is usually giving a talk about some aspect of being a professional blogger. Meaning, they are trying to teach attendees (many of which have just started blogging) how they can grow into becoming professional bloggers […]

Bitcoin Investors

Bitcoin’s bull trend is likely the result of new money coming into the markets. Since the supply is limited, new market demand can increase buying pressure on the price. With the current halving of mining rewards the creation of new coins are reduced, which adds to the scarcity. Unlike the parabolic bull market of 2013 […]

Get Work Done at Conferences

Conferences are fantastic. You get to network, learn more about your industry and probably have a lot of fun doing so. But there’s often a hangup people have. Here it is… You work hard. Normally, you work 40+ hours per week. So when a conference rolls around, what are you supposed to do? Stop production […]

Wayts to Save for Emergencies

If you want to stop dipping into your emergency fund for non-emergencies or avoid coming up short month after month with little left over to fund your goals, here are some strategies to implement if you tend to not have much money leftover at the end of the month. 1. Define what emergency means to […]

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