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Due has a team of payment experts that serve as consultants for your freelancer, small business, startup, or established company.
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The Problem with Payments

We understand your particular challenges because our team is made up of those involved in startup businesses that have been in your position and struggled with similar problems associated with payments:

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Our Payments Solution

Because our payment experts have experienced these very same problems, they made it their business to design a viable solution that covers all aspects of getting paid. Founded in 2015, Due is a payments solution company that offers a suite of products, including time tracking, online invoicing, a digital wallet and credit card processing.


Here’s an overview of the types of benefits the Due payments solutions delivers to you, as freelancers, startup founders, small business owners, and CEOs of established companies across all types of offline and online business segments:

Get started with online invoice system that sets up in minutes and requires no training because it is so easy to use
Establish a digital wallet feature that securely stores personal and financial data for further convenience for your business and your customers
Create a database of clients, staff, and projects to easily update all information in one place
Leverage international features to grow your business across the globe, including language, currency, and tax system invoicing features as well as international credit card processing
Track how time is being spent by team member and project to speed invoice creation and assess productivity levels and areas in need of improvement
Ensure customer loyalty by offering the greatest number of features designed with ease, convenience, and security in mind
Correctly account for time on each project for accurate estimates and billing
Attract new customers with a wider range of payment methods through credit card processing capability
Access the online invoice system from anywhere on any device to ensure no lapses in the billing and payments process
Reduce your transaction costs with a more efficient payment system that also operates with a low, flat-rate transaction fee
Make it easy for clients and customers to access and pay for an invoice from any device and leverage the digital wallet feature with stored payment information
Receive funds quickly to enhance your cash flow
Reinforce your brand through customized invoices that include your logo and company’s visual and color identifying features
Remove repetitive tasks from your non-revenue tasks, reducing human error and increasing overall productivity
Enhance the professional approach you take to business with free invoice templates
Make more informed business decisions with a clear picture of your company’s overall performance with a dashboard and reports that offer real-time data and analytics

The best business benefit of all is that you can enjoy all of these advantages for free – free sign-up, free features, and no hidden costs. We offer our payment solution for free and our credit card processing for the lowest cost possible because we understand what it’s like to launch and manage a lean business on a tight budget. Your non-revenue tasks should not be taking a large chunk out of your available budget. Everything we do is for the sole purpose of helping you succeed and grow a sustainable business where we can enjoy a long-term professional partnership.

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