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Blog » News » Johnson & Johnson acquisitions hit close to $15bn

Johnson & Johnson acquisitions hit close to $15bn

The huge acquisitions of Johnson & Johnson

April witnessed a flurry of high-profile acquisitions by Johnson & Johnson, the healthcare behemoth. These strategic moves, amounting to nearly $15 bn, spanned across the medical care and consumer healthcare sectors, further diversifying the company’s portfolio.

The company has announced two major takeover deals involving Ambrx Biopharma, Inc. and Shockwave Medical across April.

Johnson & Johnson’s Spring Acquisitions

The healthcare and pharmacy giant first made a deal with Shockwave at the beginning of this month.

The definitive handover would equate to $335.00 per share in cash and a total company value of $13.1 billion.

Moving for Shockwave expands J&J’s presence in the cardiovascular intervention market for medical science and applications. This is one of the globe’s fastest-growing medical technology markets.

J&J now has a host of new frontiers to explore to make headway in medical science. This also expands the already massive reach the company has over medical technology markets and improves the numbers for the company’s operating and growth margins.

Doug Godshall, President and CEO of Shockwave, said “I am deeply grateful to our team members and colleagues whose efforts have made today’s milestone possible; their accomplishments and passion have been extraordinary. I could not think of a better partner and home than Johnson & Johnson as the Shockwave team prepares to write its next exciting chapter.”

This would only be one of the blockbuster deals the household name would deliver in Spring. The takeover of Ambrx Biopharma, Inc. would allow J&J to foray into more uncharted areas of growth and research.

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are an existing market, but their consistent growth in development platforms, best-in-class applications, and results are constant.

Ambrx’s joining the J&J fold gives the company a larger foothold in applying and creating ADCs to tackle prostate cancer, which is a massively lucrative medical science market.

J&J took over the leading oncology company for $2.0 billion, which will be officially marked down as a “business combination.”

Biljana Naumovic, Worldwide Vice President, Oncology, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine, said, “ADCs are transforming the solid tumor treatment paradigm by leveraging antibody-antigen interactions to release cytotoxic payload directly to tumor cells. This acquisition underscores our ambition to deliver enhanced, precision biologics to transform the treatment of cancers, including prostate cancer.”

The company also released its 2024 first-quarter earnings report. The report was rosy for J&J, with worldwide sales growing 2.3% to $21.4 bn in the first quarter of the year.

Image: J&J.

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