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Blog » News » Paramount stock prices soar as Sony joint buyout edges closer

Paramount stock prices soar as Sony joint buyout edges closer

Paramount stock prices soar

Paramount, the globally recognized name in film and TV, watched stock prices rise as Apollo Global Management and Sony Entertainment buyout moved closer.

The stock jumped as much as 15% amid the clamor and interest around the potential billion-dollar movie partnership.

Active discussions are underway regarding the proposed move, which could potentially see both of the interested parties take over Paramount, keeping spectators captivated by the next major chapter in the deal.

Paramount takeover nears end

According to a previous report from the Wall St Journal, Paramount has already rebuffed one offer from Appolo for around $26bn. This strategic decision was made after carefully considering the offer, which would have absorbed the debt of $14bn the studio currently has. Paramount opted to continue discussions with Skydance, which reflects the company’s confidence in its future.

Sources close to Paramount say they rebuffed the offer after concerns were raised about Apolo’s ability to finance the deal. According to the deal’s insiders, Shari Redstone, the controlling shareholder with 77% of the voting rights at the movie empire, has favored a deal with Skydance.

Sony however entered the deal as a potential partner that would take on the movie element of Paramount Global and take it under the banner of Sony Entertainment. Apollo would have to conjure a reliable structure to adopt the broadcast elements of the existing Paramount structure such as CBS, Nickelodeon and MTV.

Redstone benefits greatly from any deal and has asked prospective buyers to take the deal through the holding company Paramount, National Amusements. Some board members have been infuriated with this. Dawn Ostroff, Nicole Seligman, Frederick Terrell, and Rob Klieger will not seek to be re-elected to the board of directors following the blase handling of the talks so far.

There is a lot to be agreed on before the deal is finalized, but much like the movies Paramount produces, it should be interesting to watch.

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