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Blog » Finance » Netflix’s financial report highlights the success of the streaming service

Netflix’s financial report highlights the success of the streaming service


Netflix’s financial report highlights that 9.33 million subscribers have joined the streaming service.

Today, Netflix reported its first-quarter earnings report, and there is a lot for the content giant to be happy about. The company would open the report by saying “revenue was up 15%, our operating income grew by 54% and our operating margin rose by seven percentage points to 28%.”

Netflix Q1 Report

Netflix’s financial prowess was further underscored by its revenue of $9.37 billion, a figure that surpassed the $ 9.26 billion projected by analysts and industry experts. This translates to an impressive $5.28 of earnings per share, outperforming the anticipated $4.51.

Netflix’s report reveals a staggering 270 million subscribers across 190+ countries, with an average of more than two people per household. This translates to an audience of over half a billion people, a scale and ambition unparalleled in the entertainment industry. The report emphasizes, ‘to cater to such a vast audience, we strive to offer a diverse range of compelling stories that cater to various tastes.’

The improvement in subscriber numbers can be attributed to a crackdown on password sharing. Netflix has been determined to reduce the number of users who can access a singular account, so the surge in numbers could be attributed to that brick wall being in place, and those hoping to access their catalog will have to pay up.

Salaries were also capped by Netflix for executives. Still, according to the Hollywood Reporter Co-CEO Greg Peters, his annual compensation grew from $26 million last year to almost double the following year. So the streaming platform’s shareholders must be happy with this upward trajectory.

This SEC filing would include Peters’ base salary of $2.89 million, stock awards of $22.7 million, a bonus of $13.9 million and all other compensation totaling $620,602, which relates to use of the company aircraft.”

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