Kayla is passionate about helping people get their finances in order so they can pursue a life of freedom. She quit her job to work for herself with over $148,000 of debt and swears it was the best decision she's ever made!

be happy

When you are self-employed, your income is dependent on keeping your clients and customers satisfied. Unhappy customers will either stop doing business with you while complaining about you to everyone else, or they will make a complaint directly to you. Those who sever the business relationship don’t offer you the opportunity to correct the situation. […]

how to save more money

If you look up the meaning of self-care, you’ll find many different definitions. For instance, Wikipedia says self-care maintenance behaviors include “illness prevention, illness behaviors, and proper hygiene.” Dictionary.com, on the other hand, offers what is perhaps a more accurate definition of self-care: “Noun. Care of the self without medical or other professional consultation.” Although some forms […]

The Potential of the Blockchain Will Be Recognized

In the Gettysburg Address President Abraham Lincoln described our government as “of the people, by the people, for the people.” He was, of course, entirely correct. Our people elect fellow citizens to make up our government. It also exists for the benefit of the people. But as our government attempts to maintain order over our […]

motivation map

Before becoming a freelancer I worked at a few different jobs. Each one had a different owner, or manager, that ran it. Some were good at tasks such as staff scheduling, payroll, and training. Others were adept at handling human resources issues and questions. A few of them had more experience than others making them […]

money management

This is the time of year for reflection and renewal. For some, the new year is the time to restart diets and exercise regimens in order to shed the pounds that creep on during the holidays. Others might view the new year as a time to renew relationships or work on other personal goals. But […]

time managment for freelancers

Freelancers do much more than just write blog posts or proofread and edit work for their clients. They may also handle publicity and marketing, provide technical support, perform bookkeeping tasks, and even do a little graphic design. Because they are constantly juggling all of these duties, they must learn and use many different kinds of […]

small business office

Using someone else’s money or property without their knowledge is considered financial abuse. Although this is a simplified explanation financial abuse is not necessarily a simple crime. In fact, there are many different forms of financial abuse in marriages or among other family members. For example, one spouse may require that the other work but […]

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