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6 Personality Traits for Entrepreneurial Success

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Have you ever seen a successful entrepreneur and wanted to be like them too? Maybe you’ve thought, “If they can do it, so can I”.

Of course you can. It’s entirely possible for you to thrive as an entrepreneur, just like them. But many times, their accomplishments don’t come easily or by accident.

Sure, they may seem to naturally have what it takes to be successful. While some of them may have inherent abilities that help them achieve their goals, it takes more than that.

The truth is that they possess the personality traits for entrepreneurial success.

1. Persistence

Some people say that entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks. I disagree because for me that isn’t really true. I have the same feelings as everyone else and I’m just as afraid to take risks as they are.

What I think sets me, and other entrepreneurs, apart isn’t fearlessness. It’s persistence.

Fear is one of the challenges we face in common. But rather than giving in to fear, or allowing it to control us, we push past our fears. We try, make mistakes, and try again.

Entrepreneurs don’t give up. Instead they keep trying until failure isn’t an option and the only way forward is success.

2. Motivation

Motivation is another personality trait that drives entrepreneurs. Many enjoy what they do and can’t wait to get up each morning and get started again.

Of course they may have other motivations as well, such as financial well-being or idea realization. But no matter what drives them to reach their goals, it’s clear entrepreneurs are motivated.

3. Dedication

Another personality trait you’ll find in most entrepreneurs is dedication. They put in long, hard hours to build their businesses. Along the way many give up vacations, family time, and personal luxuries that others enjoy.

Obviously they get tired just like everyone else does. But they focus on their goals and businesses. When they’re tired you’ll see them push through and keep going until they accomplish their objectives.

4. Vision

True entrepreneurs don’t see their businesses as they are. They see them as could be. In other words, they have vision.

The businesses they own and run thrive because they plan for the future and think ahead. They constantly run “what ifs” to ensure they are making sound decisions.

If other people don’t understand what drives entrepreneurs, that’s ok. They shrug off those who don’t agree because they are committed to their vision.

5. Creativity

Creativity is another of the personality traits displayed by entrepreneurs. When challenges come their way they don’t give up.

They look at all of the angles and different ways problems might be solved. To put it another way, they think outside the box to get things done.

6. Flexibility

If you study an entrepreneur closely you’ll see that they are flexible. All of the other traits are important, but their flexibility lets them adapt and change to fit the situation.

Flexibility helps them solve the problems that crop up and keep their clients and customers satisfied.

Clearly it takes certain personality traits for entrepreneurial success. But that doesn’t mean you can’t develop them and be successful too.

Do you have the personality traits to be a successful entrepreneur?

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