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Author: Matt Rowe


  • Currently attending BYU
  • Grew up in Silicon Valley
  • Fluent in Cambodian

About Matt Rowe

Matt Rowe is currently working on his Bachelors Degree in Marketing. He grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley where he was able to network around some of the top technical minds. He lived blocks away from Steve Jobs and was able to witness the transformation of the Bay Area to one of the strongest technical scenes on the planet.


Matt was a brand ambassador for Startup Grind prior to joining Due. He is a part time writer for Due where he focuses around financial news.


Currently studying Marketing at Brigham Young University. For two years he served a service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder day Saints where he Taught English as a second language biweekly to an average of 40 participants. Grew English classes by 600%. Coordinated local service projects monthly.


Fluent in Cambodian
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