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5 Things to Help You Motivate a Business Partner

Posted on July 13th, 2018
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If you own a business and have a partner it can make managing that business easier. For one thing, it gives you someone who will share the responsibilities, burdens, and triumphs with you. But it can also create other obstacles and problems to work through.

For instance, you may be highly motivated and your partner more relaxed. Such different approaches in work styles can drive you crazy if you let it. But in such situations, there are things to help you motivate a business partner instead.

1. Form a Mission Statement

As you first open your business you should form a mission statement. It’s a great way to motivate a business partner as well as yourself. But even if your business has been around awhile, you can still create one.

Mission statements provide others with a short sentence or two stating the reason for your business. It will tell what the company is about as well as why it does what it does.

But the deeper meaning behind a mission statement is that it guides you. Sometimes it even reminds you of why you sacrifice and work so hard to keep your business going.

After developing a mission statement together, you and your partner should look at it as you start each day. Both you and your partner may get just the motivation needed to stay on track.

2. Set Goals Together

In addition to forming a mission statement, you should also set business goals together. While your mission statement tells the what and why, goals are the how.

As you set goals together, create short term goals as well as medium and long term goals. This makes prioritizing them easier, but also helps to keep your eyes on the future.

Kind of like a “To do” list, goals help you motivate yourself as well as a partner. They give you a reason to be excited about going to work each day.

3. Divide Duties

Once you have business goals set you can divide up the duties in order to reach them. As you decide who will do what, play to each other’s strengths. This will make each of you more productive and efficient as you work and save your business time and money.

Try to include some tasks for each of you that you are passionate about. This will help to motivate a business partner who may normally be a little less driven than you.

4. Plan a New Project Together

Sometimes businesses that have been humming along for a while need to take it up a notch to succeed. After all, with new internet businesses popping up all the time, competition is fiercer than ever.

Therefore, offering something new to your customers can increase business profits and stimulate growth. To do that, approach your business partner about planning a new project together. It just may motivate everyone involved in the planning, including your business partner.

5. Request Their Help

When you want to be a motivator, sometimes all you have to do is ask for help. As an example, compliment one of your business partner’s strengths. Then, use that strength to get their help with business tasks that are not yet done.

Let’s say your business partner is detail oriented. Complement them on their organizational skills and then ask them to help you set up a social media campaign.

Running a business takes a lot of hard work but having a partner can help. These tips can help you motivate a business partner to get more done and make your business a great success.

Kayla Sloan

Kayla Sloan

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