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How Freelancers Can Ensure They Always Have Work

Posted on July 4th, 2018
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When freelancers first get started, it can be a little scary. They might worry about whether or not they will continue to have enough work to pay their bills.

For me this was an issue because, being single, I have no one else to rely on. Keeping my bills paid is all up to me.

But I quickly learned there are things freelancers can do to ensure they always have work available.

Create Goals

As a freelancer, one thing I do to ensure I always have work is to create goals. I stay motivated when I have goals to work toward. What’s more, it helps me to know why I am doing what I do each day.

I include goals that generate more work such as finding new clients this week or starting a new client project. If other freelancers create similar goals it will ensure they always have work too.

It’s a good idea for freelancers to include both short and long term goals in their planning. The larger goals create a big picture of what they want to accomplish overall. But the little ones help as stepping stones along the way.

Get a Signed Contract

Not all freelancers ask for a signed contract from their clients. However, if they want to do more than just a single project, they should. This is another way that freelancers can ensure they always have work to do.

For instance, if website management is their area of expertise, a freelancer could create contracts that include website maintenance packages. This will help them have work now and for the entire life of the contract.

Update Websites

If freelancers want to be taken seriously and always have work they need to be as professional as possible. That includes having business cards, dressing appropriately, and keeping websites updated. They need to make sure all changes to their businesses are reflected on their websites.

As an example, freelancers who take on virtual assistant work need to add that service to their websites. That way clients looking for virtual assistants will know it is something additional this freelancer can do for them.

Add Services

One way freelancers can ensure they have plenty of work by adding services. I sort of touched on this already, but there are a number of different services that could be added.

Two things mentioned earlier were website management and virtual assistant work. But in addition to those, there’s editing, social media management, writing a book, and many others.

Any services freelancers are able to do well will help to make sure there is always work to do.

Offer Additional Help to Existing Clients

When I first got started freelancing, one way I added to my income was simply by asking how I could help. Some of my existing clients needed support in other areas of their businesses and responded favorably.

Because I asked how I could help them, I was able to take on more work and grow my business. In turn, the services I did for them helped to grow their businesses too. But if I hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have gotten the additional projects and pay.

Certainly it’s important for freelancers to always have work available to them if they want to grow their businesses. But, as you can see, there are lots of ways to ensure the work will be there. If you’re a freelancer concerned about having enough work, use these tips to make sure you always do.

Kayla Sloan

Kayla Sloan

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