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15 Easy-to-Use Alternatives to Freshbooks for Invoicing

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When it comes to invoicing, one of the most options is Freshbooks. While the popular cloud-based finance and accounting software tool can be used to effectively invoice clients, it can be a little complex and expensive for some users. Thankfully, there is no shortage of affordable and easy-to-use alternatives to Freshbooks when it comes to invoicing.

Here are 15 great alternatives to Freshbooks.

1. Due

Due has rapidly become one of the favorite invoicing options since being founded in 2015. One of the main reasons for its attraction is the platform’s speed. This platform can generate professional invoices in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, Due also comes with features like a billing timer, automated payment reminders, and the option to set-up recurring payments.

You can even export your invoices or estimates as an XML or CSV file. Due has easily created options for you. Included are invoicing and exporting your taxes, discounts, language choices and currency options.

Due is 100 percent free for unlimited invoices and unlimited clients. There is a small 2.8 percent transaction fee on all invoices that are paid with a credit card.

2. Sleek Bill Online

When it comes to user-friendliness, Sleek Bill Online is definitely a great option. In fact, you can start sending invoices, quotes, and delivery notes immediately after signing-up.

Sleek Bill Online is free if you’re sending under 10 document a month. Other features include automatic client notifications. You also have the power to access your information from any device. This platform is accessible even when there’s low internet speed.

If there’s one caveat, it’s that Sleek Bill Online began with business owners in India in mind. However, it can still be configured for and U.S., UK, or Australia business owners.

3. Invoicera

Invoicera provides a variety of features that are ideal for businesses of all-sizes. It handles  freelancers, small-to-medium-size businesses, or enterprise-level companies. This platform includes customizable invoice templates, recurring billing, and integrations with global payment gateways.

The free invoicing templates can be converted into PDF files. Different languages or currency is also free for your global clients.

Invoicera gives you the ability to generate detailed invoicing reports so that you can forecast revenues in to the future.

While this is a free plan available for subscribers, it’s only compatible with businesses that have fewer than three clients. If you have more, plans start at $19.95/month.

4. Wave

For small business owners, there’s really no better option than Wave. This free, cloud-based software handles all of your invoicing needs. It can be used to scan receipts, process payments (you’ll be charged 2.9% + 30¢) and take care of payroll. This software also has the ability to generate financial reports.

Wave is set up for smaller businesses. If you have more than 9 employees in your company at present, you will need to select another option.

5. NutCache

NutCache is more of a project management tool. However, it offers the ability to easily create invoices and estimates for free with no restrictions.

Other features include integration with leading payment (Payfac) gateways. This gives you the ability to set recurring invoices, track overdue invoices, time tracking, and expense management.

NutCache is available in 8 different languages – English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and German.

6. Invoice Studio

Invoice Studio is designed more for UK business owners. It allows users a way to quickly create well-designed invoices in a matter of seconds.

The overall platform is incredibly easy to use. The recurring invoices feature is one of the easiest you’ll find online. Another unique feature is receiving an email notification whenever a client views your invoices or quotes.

Following a 30-day free trial, you’ll either have to select the £5 monthly or £45 yearly plan.

7. ZipBooks

ZipBooks is a free accounting platform that comes loaded with basic features. Included is online accounting, unlimited invoicing, recurring invoices, time tracking, expense management, and payment processing. ZipBooks also has tax and bookkeeping scholars, if needed.

Even though ZipBooks is free, you may want to choose the $15, $35, or $125 monthly plan depending on your specific needs.

8. Smart Invoice

Smart Invoice is an app where you can efficiently create either estimates or bills and then email them to your clients through your phone or tablet. It has been named the top user-friendly invoicing app. Additional options include recurring invoices, time tracking, and the ability to send messages (SMS). You can also make calls to clients from within the app.

This app can be installed for free onto your Android – sorry iPhone users.

9. Invoice Machine

The Invoice Machine is a slick and extremely easy-to-use invoicing platform for freelancers and business owners. You can create customized invoices in a snap, or see which invoices have been sent, paid or are due.

There’s also a billing timer and integration with the popular project management tool Basecamp.

10. Ronin

Ronin was built for teams from one person, to large agencies. You can simply send customized, online invoices using CSS and HMTL platforms, as well as time tracking. Ronin integrates with  platforms, allows you to convert estimates into invoices, track your expenses, set up recurring invoices.

Depending on the size of your business Ronin offers the following plans; Free, Solo ($15/month), Team ($29/month), or Agency ($49/month).

11. Street Invoice

This is another invoicing app that allows you to create, preview, and send estimates, quotes or invoices instantly via email or text. Invoices are fully customizable and you are able to access sales and profits insights. You can even add your customers directly from your phone address book. This access allows you to always be able view their history, contact info, and balance.

The Street Invoice Starter Plan is free and allows you to send 15 invoices per month. If you send more than that, you’ll have to select either the Basic ($4.99/month), Pro ($9.99/month), Enterprise ($14.99/month).

12. Ballpark

If you’re looking for a simplistic invoice tool, it doesn’t get much easier than Ballpark. After creating your invoice you can then get paid almost immediately through PayPal or Stripe.

You can also use this tool to track your billable hours, import quotes from other apps, and collaborate with other team members.

After a 14-day free trial, Ballpark has 3 different payment plans; Solo ($13/month), Basic ($30/month), or Team ($60/month).

13. Harvest Invoice

Like most other invoicing services, Harvest lets you create personalized invoices in multiple currencies in no-time.

But, Harvest has several unique features. Like the ability to create retainers and to feature the amount due at both the top and bottom of your invoices. You also easily locate previous invoices using Harvest’s search feature.

Harvest comes with add-ons, including PayPal, Stripe, Trello, Zendesk, and Salesforce to improve your accounting needs.

Following a 30-day free trial, plans starts at $12 per month.

14. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a free, open-source invoicing platform so you can create customized invoices, email subject line and messages, and URL.

Other features include being able to turn quotes into invoices, create project task, track time, create recurring invoices, and accept payments from over 45 different gateways including PayPal,, Stripe, 2Checkout, and Dwolla.

Invoice Ninja is free forever, but we may need to upgrade to either the Pro ($8/month) or Enterprise ($12/month).

15. Sighted

Sighted was designed specifically for entrepreneurs and freelancers to send invoices simply and quickly so that can get paid faster. This invoicing systems gives you the option to generate customized invoice, record expenses, access financial reports, and be used on your desktop and mobile. Sighted also integrates flawlessly with multiple payment functions so that you can get paid as painlessly as possible.

Depending on your needs, Sighted provides three different pricing plans, Premium ($4.99/month), Super Premium ($25/month), and a free version.

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