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Author: Renzo Costarella


  • Writer for Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Drove $1M+ in revenue to SaaS, media, and early-stage technology startups
  • Expert in Sales

About Renzo Costarella

Renzo Costarella gives financial tips and tricks to help retire early. He is an expert at fintech sales and was former sales person at Due. He currently is an account executive at Brex. Previously, he has worked in sales, product, and growth. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Degree in Business/Managerial Economics.


Drove adoption of 10,000+ users to SaaS & technology solutions at Due over the course of several years.


Renzo is currently attending UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Managerial Economics.


Payments, Retirement, Leadership, Public Speaking, Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, Marketing, and Business Development

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