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Top 10 Resources to Learn More About Payment Trends

Updated on June 2nd, 2022
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There’s no denying that the payment industry is on fire right now. In fact, there’s been a lot of interest in this space from customers, investors, and small business owners for some time. But, how can you keep up with this fast-moving industry, including the latest payment trends?

You can start by reading and subscribing to the following 10 resources. Each resource can educate you and keep you up to speed with the latest payment trends.

1. Due

Founded in 2015 as an innovative invoicing and time tracking platform, Due has since become a leading digital wallet platform. The cutting-edge platform makes getting paid online easy and convenient. The Due blog is one of the more active payment industry blogs available. In fact, it publishes multiple articles sharing advice, how-tos, and the latest payment trends. Due has also published guides focusing on eCash, invoicing, freelancing, and payroll.


This site, which is a joint venture between Business Wire and Market Platform Dynamics, publishes payment-related news, opinions, research, data points, webinars, and contributions from industry experts every day. They focus mainly on how online and mobile payment technologies are going to impact the eCommerce industry, but as their blog site states, “This powerful B2B platform is the #1 site for the payments industry by traffic and the premier source of information about “what’s next” in payments. C-suite and VP level executives turn to it daily for these insights, making the audience the most valuable in the industry.”

3. Let’s Talk Payments

After launching in 2013, Let’s Talk Payments has become one of the most vibrant and exciting sites related to the payments industry by publishing multiple articles daily. In 2015 the site relaunched in order to share more insights, data, analysis, and collaboration tools that cover the various segments of FinTech.

4. Payments Views

Unlike most other resources on this list, Payment Views, which is published by payments industry strategy consulting and research firm Glenbrook, doesn’t publish content daily. But that’s because this site creates more detailed and long-form opinion pieces that normally aren’t discussed on other websites or blogs. Besides the news section, Payments Views shares the latest industry news and has an education section that contains workshops for industry professionals. There’s also the Payments on Fire podcast that you should listen to whenever you have some downtime.

5. FinExtra

Finextra is one of the fastest newswire sources, as well as an information source, that covers everything from the latest FinTech startups to industry regulations to emerging payment trends. This resource also publishes research articles, white papers, and case studies, along with company announcements and even job opportunities.

6. Mobile Payments Today

Published by Networld Media Group and Will Hernandez, who was formerly the content manager for, Mobile Payments Today is a popular information resource that focuses primarily on mobile payments projects and technologies. The site specifically covers topics like banking, retail, restaurants, remittance, apps, online gaming, and mobile POS. They also produce additional content like product reviews, white papers, videos, webinars, supplier listings, and upcoming event information.

7. Noyes Payments Blog

Written by self-described “payments geek” Tom Noyes, this has been a favorite for anyone looking to stay current with the latest payment trends as well as his opinions and projections.

8. BankNXT

Established in 2012 and relaunched in 2015, BankNXT is a blog that has earned a reputation for its strong opinions. There are influential editorials from thought leaders. These include Brett King, JP Nicols, Chris Skinner, Jessica Ellerm, Oliver Bussmann, Devie Mohan, and Dave Birch. The resource features insights on everything from banking, security, Fintech, and payments. BankNXT also publishes nine podcast series, along with its own BankNXT Fintech Podcast.

9. Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation was launched in 2009. It is produced by the financial services industry media company Royal Media. Bank Innovation publishes the latest industry news and lists that cover the hottest trends set to disrupt the entire payments industry. It’s also a platform where professionals can exchange ideas and share their opinions.

10. Tomorrow’s Transactions

Published by mainly by Dave Birch, Director of the secure electronic transactions consultancy Consult Hyperion, this blog provides practical advice, payment industry predictions, and opinions. There’s also a forum to exchange ideas, training courses, conferences, and informative payment trends podcasts with industry thought leaders.

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Renzo Costarella

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