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Learn how the payroll industry works, including how you could turn it into a successful freelance career or ensure your small business has an efficient payroll system in place. You’ll be on a roll with payments, including how to invoice, by the time you finish this insightful guide.
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Paying employees in a timely, accurate way goes a long way to driving their motivation and satisfaction. Whether you keep payroll in-house or outsource it, paying it forward greases those wheels of productivity while also providing a clear picture of cash flow and profitability.

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When you think of payroll you probably associate it with issuing paychecks. While this is an important part of payroll, payroll is also responsible filing and withholding taxes and handling paycheck deductions like benefits and garnishments.


In short, payroll is an extremely part of a business for legal and financial reasons. Perhaps that why in National Small Business Association (NSBA) 2014 Small Business Taxation Survey, “Payroll taxes were ranked as the number one most financially burdensome and number two most administratively burdensome federal tax among small firms.”


If you’re small business or someone looking to become a payroll expert, this guide will define what exactly payroll is, why it’s important, where you can learn about payroll, and how to set-up your own payroll system.

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