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How To Create a Promotional Plan For Your Ecommerce Business?

Updated on May 27th, 2022

If you have ever looked into Ecommerce marketing planning before, you would have already realized that it is not possible to cover all the aspects and needs of a promotional plan in a single article. So when we talk about how to create a plan for the eCommerce business in 2021, your best bet is to incorporate all the tips that you come across but be willing to change the strategy if the need arises. 

FYI! A well-written marketing plan is supposed to be a road map that entrepreneurs follow to make sure their business reaches the designated goal. It can be a combination of different strategies and campaigns with some fringe changes introduced on the go. 

Everybody needs a promotional Plan from Credit Card Websites to eCommerce stores selling merch. For Instance, Capital one mail offer is the promotional Method for Capital One Bank.  So, what are the most important things that you need to consider? Let’s have a look! 

How To Use Website Design To Promote Your Ecommerce Business?

1. Focus On SEO Optimization 

The first and the foremost step when promoting your Ecommerce Business website is to work towards Search Engine Optimization. The content you post on your page is the primary tool that would attract customers to your site. 

Put some funds aside to hire SEO experts and freelance content writers that can deliver the best kinds of blogs, product descriptions, About Us pages, privacy policies, Terms of Service, etc. Search optimization should consider catchy titles, right keyword density in your posts, ample internal links, and fonts/themes that are attractive and easy-to-read. 

When the SEO is taken care of, you would observe that your page would automatically rank on Google and more customers would be directed to your page. 

2. Use Keyword Research Plan To Rank 

A fool-proof way of making sure that your website ranks on Google is to publish content keeping in view what the customers are frequently searching for. Sometimes minor changes to the keyword can drastically affect the number of searches it has on Google. Your aim is to find the exact phrase that most customers are using. 

Luckily, there are online tools that can help you find the right keywords. We prefer to use Ahrefs to look into organic searches. It is best to not work with keywords that have a difficulty level above 30. This is suggested by Ahrefs itself and many competitive websites work with the same rule. 

3. Write Catchy Product Description

A good picture may be enough to catch the attention of visitors or potential buyers but if you leave them with an incomplete product description, you might simply scare them off for two reasons. 

First of all, people will think that your team is not serious enough to sell the products on site. Secondly, incomplete information might make them question the legitimacy of your site and the product in question. 

4. Let Visitors Save The Cart They Didn’t Buy  

Now, this is the tip that you might not find in many other articles but it is still of utmost importance. To create an eCommerce business plan is all about convenience and creating ease for your customers to create a new revenue stream. One thing you can do is save their cart if they leave without a purchase. 

Customers abandon carts for many reasons. They might have an emergency that requires them to leave the site or they may realize that they are short on savings right now. However, when they choose to come back to your page later, it would be a turn-off to make them choose all the products again so they can finally order. You can install an on-site recovery feature to let them save time and complete the purchase quickly. 

How You Can Use Customers As a Resource For Promoting Your Ecommerce Business?

1. Tell Them Who You Are 

You must let your customers know who you are. That is why successful eCommerce businesses focus a lot on their “About Us” page. This is the platform that needs to explain completely what your service stands for, what your business is all about, and how you are delivering your promise. It might not have been brought to your attention before but customers develop a more loyal relationship with companies that have outstanding ethics. 

2. Tell Them What You Offer 

Visitors need to know what you are offering and what your business stands for so your website should clearly show what you are selling. The homepage of your site can do wonders in this case. You can create categories here to tell buyers about your offers, show them what is most popular on your site, etc. 

3. Show Them How They Can Trust You 

Building a good portfolio has a lot to do with gaining the trust of your customers. Online services are often considered to be shady. Many buyers hesitate to provide personal information or to make hefty purchases if they don’t trust the website. 

That is why you need to work on using the right trust signals. In this regard, customer reviews can be very helpful. You should regularly update your social pages, sites, or a great LinkedIn profile with real buyer reviews. You should leave them free to write their actual remarks as these would look more honest and true. 

4. Encourage Your Loyal Customers To Spread The Words 

A customer who has recently purchased from you would be in high spirits to leave a review. This is especially true if they are happy with the purchase. This would be a great time to request them to leave remarks and reviews that can encourage other people towards your website as well. 

Reviews on social platforms are a great way to spread the word about your service. Furthermore, you can come up with exciting deals and discounts for buyers who bring more traffic to your website

How You Can Use Social Media To Help You?

1. LinkedIn Account 

The LinkedIn account is a professional account that can serve as an excellent channel to make your content reach companies or customers that are looking for it. LinkedIn is a fine choice especially since it has actively started expanding its coverage to provide access to more niches in recent years. 

If you wish to promote your online store, invest some time to design a unique profile on LinkedIn. Your company profile should stand out and be regularly updated to keep customers well-informed. 

2. Facebook and Instagram Promotion 

You can find a lot of customers if you use the right social platforms. Facebook and Instagram are quite reliable for directly increasing the number of relevant customers that you have. 

You can create a company page on both social apps and post new products on a regular basis to spread awareness about your brand. These posts can be directly linked to the products on your website so interested buyers would be directed there without any hassle. 

3. Facebook and Instagram Paid Advertisements

Where you can post on these social apps for free, they also allow you to opt for paid advertisements as well. 

Paid advertisements are more successful in promoting content and increasing engagement as they target the most relevant buyers by closely looking into their interests and search patterns. In fact, Instagram ads have proven to be very effective in building a brand’s portfolio and a huge audience. 

4. Opt For Guest Posts

Requesting other websites to guest post for you is another reliable way of promoting your eCommerce business. This will not only help you reach other publications but also bring their traffic to your webpage. If you are looking forward to contributing on Due, please read the rules for guest posting here.

The only prerequisite is that you should submit content of high-quality. Since your publications are supposed to be presented on another, preferably high-authority website, you should summon the best content writer you have to leave a lasting impression. 

4. Try Your Luck With Influencer Culture 

Publicity via influencers has become a trend that many businesses now openly rely on. Although some of them can be quite expensive, a small business can easily find an affordable influencer who goes with what you are offering. 

The world also knows them as micro-influencers. These public figures may have less than 15,000 followers as compared to millions that major influencers have but you don’t really need to work with Kardashian to grow your business, right? 

Contrary to popular belief, customers take the recommendations from micro-influencers just as seriously. Furthermore, you can also find relevant help that would settle for free products as bait instead of cash. 

The tips and bits of advice that we have given above can be very helpful in constructing a plan initially. Later on, you can make the required adjustments as per your liking. 

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