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4 Ways to Provide High-Value Content For Your Tribe

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One of the best marketing techniques you can apply to your business is to provide high-value content for your tribe. Truth be told, this is a strategy that will never go out of style and will build long-term trust with your clients and customers.

The question then becomes how do you provide high-value content for your tribe? And what is high-value content anyway? In this article, I will attempt to answer these questions for you.

High-Value Content Strategy #1: Teach lessons.

One extremely effective way to provide high-value content for your tribe is to create content that actually teaches them something.

One way to do this is to answer common questions that come through your inbox and social media. For example, much of the content I write for this site comes from questions I am being asked on a consistent basis.

Ultimately, any content you put out there should have some sort of teachable moment for your audience. You can even find stories from your everyday life to get certain points across and then use something like Instagram Stories to put the content out there.

High-Value Content Strategy #2: Be transparent.

Another way to provide high-value content is to be as transparent as possible with your tribe. If you put everything out there then you have nothing to hide. As a result, you end up building trust with your audience.

For instance, I will do the occasional income report on my blog or send an income update to my email list. I don’t simply do this just because it’s popular in my niche (although it helps). I do this to show them what it’s actually like to run an online business. I also do it to show them what’s possible for them.

High-Value Content Strategy #3: Be consistent.

I speak to several business owners who have hundreds of documents of great content that have never seen the light of day. You can create a ton of high-value content, but if you aren’t hitting publish on it then it doesn’t matter.

And here’s where I let you in on a little marketing secret. Providing high-value content doesn’t mean you need to be perfect, it means you need to be consistent with what you have.

You can create the most spectacular blog post, but if you only publish one spectacular blog post every few months it’s not going to do anything for you. The same goes for promoting content. If people don’t know it’s out there, then they don’t know you provide high-value content.

High-Value Content Strategy #4: Become a storyteller.

One of the reasons why my content is considered high value is because I’m really good at telling stories.

When I moved into my apartment and was telling my list about it, I described the place in excruciating detail. Whenever I have a story to share from my life, I find the lesson and share it. When a client has a win, I make sure to use it in my marketing. In other words, I don’t just tell people what’s going on, I paint a picture for them.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to know the best strategy for creating high-value content for your tribe? It’s finding the sweet combination of all four of the strategies mentioned in this article. From this point forward, use these four strategies in every piece of content you put out there.

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