Choncé Maddox is a professional writer who recently left her job in the web design industry to produce killer content and manage her own writing business full time. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs be more productive and create a life they love by doing fulfilling work. On the side, she runs a podcast and blogs about getting out of debt at


When people think of your business, they must identify it with a unique brand image. To build your brand identity, you should integrate the company’s logo with the company personality — the company’s values, services and ability to effectuate its brand promise. Whether you’re a small business or a start-up, you don’t have to spend […]

global small business marketing

Marketing a small business is tough when running on a shoestring budget and trying to maximize your profits first. However, marketing doesn’t have to be super expensive if you take advantage of all the modern tools and resources available to you today. Here are a few of my favorite marketing strategies that you can implement […]

programmer website

No matter what industry you hope to conquer, having a reputable presence online will help you. An online customer business website presence makes the difference between a business’ success or failure. A current website will help people find you whether you sell real estate or janitorial supplies. A potential customer will likely be looking for […]

programmer website

Creating a website or blog for your business can be a huge project. Once you’ve got everything up and running, discovering that you have a high bounce rate can be disheartening. Visitors leave your site for many reasons, not all of which are under your control. As you try to increase traffic on your site, […]

Mistakes New Bloggers Make

The blogging industry has grown and evolved over the past few years. It’s clear that having a blog can be very lucrative whether you’re trying to establish a company blog or a personal brand blog. However, it’s not always easy to get a brand new blog off the ground. There are many mistakes new bloggers […]

world seo

Over 1 trillion searches happen on Google per year, making it the most popular search engine, and a primary focus for your small business SEO. It’s especially important for your SEO when you’re a local business owner. Searches with the term “near me” are trending upwards at a rapid pace especially for people using smartphones […]


Small business owners face special challenges, not the least of which is determining how to spend their advertising budgets. Business owners must get the best ROI possible. One tactic that is increasingly successful and relatively easy is to implement a video. Marketing efforts that contain video as part of the strategy are almost guaranteed to […]

Profit and Loss Statement

Every business owner is concerned with being profitable. For brand new business owners, bringing in revenue and getting a return on your investment of time and money can be a top concern. Fortunately, generating income is not as difficult as it sounds. Here are few tips to help make your business profitable and start receiving […]

email sales

If you’re not yet building your email subscriber list and using newsletters to your advantage, you are most likely missing out on a ton of conversions you could be receiving for your business. Each person on your list is worth at least $1-$2 in revenue per month and at least 20% of your revenue is […]

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