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3 Things Your Email Marketing Strategy Could Be Missing

Updated on August 13th, 2019
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I love email marketing. It’s a great way to connect with my audience on a deeper level and it’s also one of the best ways to increase sales. When you think about it, people join your email list because they want to hear more from you and engage with your business.

This provides the perfect opportunity to build more rapport, provide additional value, and start marketing and promoting your products and services.

The only thing worse than being a business owner without an email list is being one who doesn’t have a winning email marketing strategy.

If you’re not gaining as much traction with your emails, here are 3 things your email marketing strategy could be missing. ‘

Personalized Content

Are you sending the same thing to everyone on your list? The days of batching mass email announcements are over. It’s important to start segmenting your email list.

If you have different opt-in forms for each of your offers, you should be tagging subscribers to make sure you know what they’re interested in. Then, cater to those interests with your content.

If subscribers are constantly sent emails covering topics that don’t interest them, they will get bored and either unsubscribe or stop opening your emails.


Have you ever tested your current email strategy? If not, how do you know if it’s working well or not? You should be testing everything from headline subject lines to emojis, specific phrases, headers, and images within your emails.

You should do this to find out the type of content your audience best resonates with so you can increase your open rates. It doesn’t take much to test out different strategies for your email content. Just make small changes and tweaks each time you send an email.

Then, at the end of the month, check your stats to see which strategy worked best. You should also try resending emails to subscribers who haven’t opened them if your email service offers this.

A fellow friend of mine and business owner encouraged me to do this and it was a major game changer.

Clear Call to Action

Each email you send should have a clear call to action. People want to be told what they should do and will surprisingly do nothing if you don’t clearly spell things out for them.

Don’t get so excited about your content that you don’t include links or direct subscribers to take a particular action. Use a clear call to action and try to use scarcity as well which can help motivate people to act on a limited time offer.


Well-maintained email lists can be a huge asset for small business owners. When you think about it, each email subscriber is worth a certain amount of revenue for your business. The people who sign up for your list are voluntarily opting in to receive more information and showing interest in being a customer. You don’t want to mess up the opportunity to better serve and market them. Make sure these 3 crucial elements are included in your email strategy.


Choncé Maddox

Choncé Maddox

Choncé Maddox is a debt expert. She helps ambitious millennials and Generation Z get our of the mounds of debt they are in following college. In 2015 she realized she couldn’t afford to do her own laundry, she was so broke. She had to make a change. Over the next three years she personally tackled $50,000 in debt and became debt free. She teaches others her passion since.

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