Choncé Maddox is a professional writer who recently left her job in the web design industry to produce killer content and manage her own writing business full time. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs be more productive and create a life they love by doing fulfilling work. On the side, she runs a podcast and blogs about getting out of debt at

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One of the reasons why I enjoy freelancing so much is because I can choose my own clients and work with several if I please. Freelancing can seem more secure because instead of just having 1 job you work with several different clients. If you lose a client, it’s usually not the end of the […]

inner entrepreneur

Creating your own business is one of my most fulfilling things you can do in life. If you know you don’t want to spend your career working for someone else and making their dreams come true, it’s safe to say you’re leaning toward entrepreneurship. This doesn’t mean that working for yourself is easy. However, you […]

Whether you like or dislike networking events, the reason for attending should be clear. You want to meet other people who you could potentially work with in some capacity in the future. You may be good at starting up a meaningful conversation and may even meet a ton of people who you connect with. However, […]

There has been tremendous growth in digital marketing in recent times with marketers turning to AI to predict consumer behavior. A number of small and medium businesses have tended to concentrate their marketing efforts on social media, pop-up ads, websites, and email lists. While some of these methods have been effective in attracting valuable customers, […]

how business works

Being a solopreneur involves constantly being ‘on’ when it comes to thinking about and operating your business. It can be super difficult to disconnect and I’ve even had dreams about my business before. While it’s perfectly fine to be excited and passionate about your work, it’s so easy to burn out after putting in so […]

how to save more money

When it comes to setting prices for your products and services, you may hesitate to demand what you really want. Some business owners believe that having the lowest and most reasonable pricing will help them beat out the competition and land more work. Don’t make this mistake. When you price everything at a bargain rate, […]

money habits

When it comes to getting started with freelancing or even scaling your freelance business up, what you charge and how you charge are two very important factors. There is so much mixed advice about what to charge as a freelancer and some people like myself still don’t have fixed rates because client needs tend to […]

biggybank and savings

According to Bloomberg, eight out of ten small businesses fail. Some fail because they don’t adequately understand customer needs. Others can’t communicate the value of their products and services. Still, others don’t understand how to promote themselves effectively. Yet, the number one reason businesses fail is the lack of a sustainable business model—they simply spend […]

like social media

Scoring new clients can be a big concern for freelancers. When you’re just starting out, it’s crucial but even if you’ve been freelancing for some time you should realize the importance of maintaining a few solid client leads to balance out the effects of feast or famine. Sending pitches and getting referrals are two of […]

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