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3 Ways to Land New Clients By Being Yourself

Attract New Clients

Are you wondering why you can’t land new clients even after feeling like you’ve tried everything? If you’re a coach, consultant, or work in a similar field, finding the right clients can make or break your business. If you feel you have all the knowledge, experience, tools, and resources that will truly benefit others, that won’t automatically result in payments and revenue.

When you’re running a business that thrives on one-on-one interactions, the most important thing you can do to land clients once you feel like you’ve tried everything is rework your process by being yourself and showing who you really are. Here are three ways to land new clients.

1. Eliminate Fear

You need clients to trust you and feel confident with your personality traits and they can’t do that if you’re afraid to show them the real you.

Whether you’re shy, introverted, or outgoing don’t pretend to be something that’s not you. For example, if you’re doing marketing videos to promote your business, stick to your personality and make it your own.

Also, don’t force yourself to do what competitors are doing. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable or fake, odds are your prospect is feeling that way too.

2. Share Your Story

It’s important to share those experiences that make you yourself. Those experiences that have brought you to where you are today can really resonate with new clients so long as they tie into your brand and overall message.

Remember that most people won’t remember your title but they will remember a personal story including some of the obstacles you had to overcome to reach a particular goal instead.

You don’t have to be completely open about everything, but sharing vulnerable points and important lessons learned can really help establish your brand. This is especially important if you are a service-based entrepreneur and small business owner.

3. Figure Out How Other People View You and Your Business

Many times, we tend to look at ourselves and say: “I’m good at this,” or “I’m not so good at this,” but it’s really hard to be truly honest with ourselves. If you’ve been having a hard time landing clients however, that could be a red flag.

I would advise you to hire a coach, get with a mentor, or find an accountability partner to help you. Then, just ask them what they believe you’re actually good at and if there’s anything they admire about you. Find someone you can trust to tell you the truth about your shortcomings as well.

And don’t take their advice as a failing. If what they fit is true, fix what you can. As you know, the truth hurts, so remember if you get really angry about the advice — it may be true. But if the suggestions are not right or do not fit your plan, you are free to choose whether to incorporate these thoughts into your plan.

Based on their response, tie that into your service offerings to attract new clients. You can also check out the StrenthFinders quiz to find out which services you’d be best at providing based on your strengths and personality.


If you’re struggling to gain new clients as a service-based entrepreneur, it’s imperative that you stop being afraid to tell your story and share who you are. That will separate you from the competition and help you earn trust and respect quickly.

Keep these three tips in mind when you work on improving your strategy to reel in new clients.

Make sure your story ties into your brand message and either take the StrengthFinders exam or partner up with someone who can be honest in telling you what your strengths are.

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