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Offering Recurring Invoicing

If you’re a freelancer with multiple clients then you already know how exhausting it can be when it’s time to start working on your invoices – especially when when you have long-term and frequent clients. In most cases, you spend a lot of time manually entering the same information over and over again. Worst of […]

How Does a CVV Filter Help to Reduce Online Payment Fraud

Why do you enjoy shopping online? Like most of us, it’s probably because of the ease and convenience. For example, would you rather do all of your holiday shopping, grocery shopping, clothing shopping — in your pajamas, during your lunch break or is the joy of fighting the traffic and crowds at the mall your […]

Chances are that you own a NFC-equipped mobile device. Not only is NFC-technology a standard feature in most mobile devices, an impressive 79.1 percent of mobile market in the U.S. owns a smartphone. No wonder then that NFC-technology is becoming increasingly popular among both customers and merchants. Everyone has a smartphone on them. And, processing […]

Exchange Rates And Other International Payment Challenges

Some of the biggest hurdles business owners of all sizes face when tapping into international markets has been finding a way to process international payments affordability and securely. That’s not always the easiest of tasks when dealing with a fluctuation between currencies and transferring funds between several banks. In fact, international payment processing could take […]

Use Invoicing Software

Every piece of communication that you have with you clients or customers should be used as a branding opportunity so that you’re memorable and are able to stand-out from the pack. While that’s not a problem when using your blog, email, or social media, your branding may not be as obvious when it comes to […]

Technology Investments

As 2016 comes a close, it’s time to start planning for 2017. And, for investors, that means staying on top of the potential moneymakers for the upcoming year. For most investors, technology investments are one of the most appealing industries to focus on. It has high returns, many growth prospects, and has become sine-qua-non. However, technology encompasses […]

Due Logo EPS

Important: If you’re accessing this tutorial, you have already requested access to use the Due Payments API. If you haven’t already done so, you can access that tutorial here.  If you’re looking to integrate your online store with Due to accept payments, you’ll need to setup a Due SandBox account for testing. The SandBox environment […]

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