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Top 10 Personal Finance Podcasts

Finance Podcasts to make you wealthy.

“The best thing money can buy is financial freedom.” — Rob Berger, author of Retire Before Mom and Dad.

Who wouldn’t want to become financially free and retire earlier, healthier, and wealthier?

But we have a problem here. We don’t know how to manage money well. In fact, 48% of Americans feel anxious and overwhelmed when managing personal finances, and 39% confess they have no idea where to begin.

We know where – with the best personal finance podcasts recommended by those who’ve already started learning from them.

What knowledge can you get?

Podcasts on Personal Finances – What They Can Teach You

Here are the fundamentals of money management you can fish out from the personal finance podcasts mentioned in this article:

  • Budgeting
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Savings
  • Credit and debt
  • Investing
  • Retirement
  • And other things, not utterly financial.

So, be all ears and take notes while listening.

10 Best Podcasts About Personal Finance Management

  • How To Money

Hosts: Joel Larsgaard and Matt Altmix

Has it ever occurred to you, too?

“We learn how to drive or how to cook. But somehow, we never put it like this: how to money in an easy and, more importantly, law-friendly way,” remarks Andrew Pierce, CEO at LLC Attorney. “Among all podcasts on personal finance, this one raises and answers this question in every episode. The title caught my eye last year, and the essence of this podcast turned out to be not less captivating,” he shares.

Indeed, the podcast hosts and their guests reveal all possible financial tips and strategies, from advice to eliminate the illegal money management trap to the cheapest travel methods.

All in all, you can distinguish three categories in the How To Money podcast episodes:

Average episode – conversations with financial coaches, business leaders, travel bloggers, etc.

Friday Flight – weekly roundups of financial news (on Fridays).

Ask HTM – Joel and Matt answer listeners’ questions.

Each part is full of valuable financial lessons.

  • DIY Money

Hosts: Quint Tatro, Daniel Czulno, Allie Howard, and Logan Gilland

With this personal finance podcast, you can gain financial literacy and teach your children about money.

Jesse Hanson, Content Manager at Online Solitaire & World of Card Games, claims, “The DIY Money Jr podcast edition is a perfect way to ‘unbolt’ kids from smartphones and computer games and detox them from their screens. It teaches the younger generation about the basics of personal finance management.”

Wouldn’t you want your kid to understand how banks operate or how to behave with money from a young age?

DIY Money Jr provides simplistic explanations and answers the inquiries of the youngest listeners.

Of course, the podcast’s target audience is much broader, embracing people of any age. You can listen to it with your family and become more financially savvy together.

  • Stay Wealthy Retirement Podcast

Host: Taylor Schulte

According to Investopedia, it is hosted by the second-best financial advisor (independent) in the United States and is one of the top ten retirement podcasts listed on Forbes.

It gives you a clear retirement roadmap with the key considerations in mind, such as:

  • Medicare pitfalls
  • Typical and alternative investments
  • 401(k) plans
  • Pensions
  • Social security
  • Retirement myths and mistakes
  • Investment for kids and grandkids

Here’s what Anthony Martin, Founder and CEO of Choice Mutual, highlights about it:

“What do I particularly like about this personal finance podcast? The host discusses real-life scenarios and case studies of retirement planning, life insurance, Roth conversions, etc. These cases are also featured in More Than Money, a book co-authored by Taylor Schulte. I strongly recommend it as a must-read book and this must-listen podcast.”

  • NerdWallet’s Smart Money Podcast

Hosts: Sara Rathner, Sean Pyles, and other in-house writers at NerdWallet

What bothers you the most in money management?

Anything you can think of is here, in this podcast on personal finances: budgeting, credit scores, tax calculations, annuities, emergency finds, and this list could be endless.

“Aside from the wise money hacks you learn from this podcast, the Nerds also incorporate the Money News episodes into it so you never miss a single financial update, whether in the annuity market, house selling, or student loan management,” adds Shawn Plummer, CEO at The Annuity Expert.

You can also jump deeper from generic to specific topics like money management tips for a single parent or peculiarities of social media shopping without draining pockets and “what-for-did-I-buy-it” hangovers.

  • The Financial Mirror Podcast

Host: The Financial Mirror

“You should definitely mark Tuesdays and Sundays on your calendar because that’s when you can obtain fresh portions of money wisdom from this podcast. A new episode of The Financial Mirror Podcast appears every Tuesday, with a live stream every Sunday. It is one of the greatest financial podcasts I’ve listened to this year,” claims Tom Golubovich, Head of Marketing & Media Relations at Ninja Transfers.

With prices scraping the sky and reaching new heights daily, it’s no wonder you’re looking for ways to spend less and still thrive.

The Financial Mirror teaches you just that by giving pieces of advice on how to be mindful of money and do the following:

  • BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Hosts: David Greene and Rob Abasolo

Are you looking for a shorter path to The Kingdom of Wealth?
Go directly through Real Estate Forest, even though it may initially seem gloomy and scary.

However, it won’t be such with this podcast about money in real estate and the reassuring voices of Rob Abasolo, David Greene, and their guests in your ears.

It is a breakdown of real estate strategies for any niche and investing experience:

  • The new BRRR (build, rent, refinance, repeat) strategy
  • Home renovations to maximize your property value
  • House flipping
  • Commercial real estate
  • Student housing investment, etc.

Once you start listening, you will discover more alternative real estate investing options. For example, “Investing in retirement homes or other assisted living facilities isn’t a commonplace rental property. Yet, it is inspected from different angles in this podcast as a recession-proof investment in real estate,” says Stephan Baldwin, Founder of Assisted Living.

  • HerMoney with Jean Chatzky

Hostess: Jean Chatzky

“Women confront unique financial obstacles and struggles, with the pay gap and discrimination lurking around the corners of workplaces and homes,” notes Brooke Webber, Head of Marketing at Ninja Patches.

“That is why addressing women’s financial concerns is crucial. And Jean Chatzky accomplishes this mission perfectly well in HerMoney, one of the best personal finance podcasts, speaking directly to women.”

The podcast’s hostess does that in the how-to episodes as follows:

  • How to de-stress and take money under control
  • How to prepare for pet expenses
  • How to approach the #tradwife (traditional wife) trend
  • How to unlock women’s power through investing
  • How to deal with mean girls at work

You can also listen to more “hows” on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, and other podcasting platforms.

  • Get the Hell Out of Debt

Hostess: Erin Skye Kelly

Do you often have a debt headache?

It can be brief and temporary (with short-term debt). Sometimes, it can turn into a lifelong migraine (with long-term debt).

This podcast on personal finance management can help you wriggle out debts and curate your financial well-being. It bears the same name as Kelly’s book, Get the Hell Out of Debt, released in 2021. The hostess helps tackle the issues with credit cards, loans, mortgages, and anything else that can drag you into a quagmire of debt.

“To actually get out of debt, try exciting money-related challenges by following this podcast. One of the latest ones is the Financial Spring Cleaning Challenge. It includes everyday decluttering, physical and digital, which I found the most handy and exciting,” suggests Catherine Schwartz, Finance Editor at Crediful. “Erin Skye Kelly offers tons of other challenging tasks for money procrastinators. So, if you’re one, join the club and listen to the podcast,” she encourages.

  • So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Hostess: Farnoosh Torabi

Literally every year since its launch in 2015 — this title appears among the best financial podcasts, not without reason. In over 1,500 episodes, finance journalist and author Farnoosh Torabi smashes the ridiculous money myths and handles the most bothersome financial topics.

By interviewing business founders, CEOs, authors, and financial advisors, Torabi takes you on a journey from setting up a money mindset to achieving total financial freedom.

Volodymyr Shchegel, VP of Engineering at Clario, shares his review: “This podcast is undeniably a cut above the rest personal finance podcasts. Listening to Farnoosh Torabi for a couple of years already is like having a reliable financial advisor and feeling safe about personal finances with actionable insights on how to squeeze the most out of money.”

  •  We Study Billionaires

Hosts: Stig Brodersen, William Green, Preston Pysh, Kyle Grieve, and Clay Finck

Being one of the world-known investing podcasts, We Study Billionaires can help you become a winning investor by learning from the examples of –

  • Bill Gates
  • Willis Johnson
  • Elon Musk
  • Peter Thiel
  • Warren Buffett
  • Andrew Wilkinson and others

Lately, as noticed by Jim Pendergast, Senior Vice President at altLINE Sobanco, the hosts have shifted their focus to crypto investments and Bitcoin in particular. He advises podcast listeners to pay closer attention to these episodes and mentions:

“Cryptocurrency investment is a superb diversification method, along with traditional stocks and bonds. Crypto forms a modern financial landscape worth penetrating if you want to enrich and streamline your personal finances. Some billionaires mentioned in this podcast – take Elon Musk – have already hopped on this trend.”

Personal Finance Podcasts Wrapped Up To Go

No need to worry anymore about how to spend, save, invest, and, ultimately, build wealth. Everything about personal finance is in the above podcasts.

While listening, you can start planning for your future (it’s never too early!) and prepare for retirement. Do it confidently and on your terms. Start here with Due, and your future self will thank you!

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom; Pexels

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