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10 Money Mindset Books

Posted on August 10th, 2020
money mindset books

It should not shock you to learn that daily reading — an incredibly simple task — is a habit common to many self-made millionaires. 85% of millionaires reading at least two books per month, studying various topics including leadership, career development, and all things money — including management and mindset. Here are ten money mindset books.

Regularly feeding your mind with information, helps you to push past limiting beliefs (that otherwise hold you back).

Reading helps you to manifest — and then create the life of your dreams.

A few of these are older books — get your hands on them, no matter what. To shift your money mindset and think like a millionaire, here is a list of ‘must-read’ books to overhaul your money mindset.

1. Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness by Jim Rohn

As a fan of Jim Rohn, I can only say that this is just one of his many books that warm the soul and give you a good solid wealth strategy. The seven strategy book will enlighten your mind and inspire you to rise above the ordinary trials of life. You will be better able to make the best of whatever life hands you. He masterfully breaks down the process of overcoming self-limiting thoughts.

Providing seven strategies for success and happiness, this book offers you insightful wisdom too. Although setting and implementing goals isn’t revolutionary, Rohn instead offers actionable, and easy to follow advice.

Moving away from quick fixes, Rohn points to the disciplined follow-through of his simple concepts as the key to long term wealth and happiness.

2. You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Preventing you from grabbing hold of exciting opportunities, this book focuses on the correction of the all-too-common negative dialogue incessantly running in your mind.

Examples include failing to achieve financial stability because of your subconscious beliefs. The book helps you rid yourself of limiting thoughts that those with money are inherently evil or greedy.

Sincero dives into the belief that shape these perceptions.

Even if you’re not a self-help book person, you’ll love her sarcasm and witty insight on how to live a better life. Her view on finances is the same — even if you’re not a money person, you’ll be able to laugh and learn alongside the nuggets of financial wisdom provided.

3. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Initially published in 1937, this is a classic everyone should read. Dated only by the language, this book is timeless, with content still 100% relevant today.

Delving into the secrets of wealthiest people in history (including Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Thomas Edison), the principles detailed are simple yet powerful.

Revealing the importance of changing one’s mindset from failure consciousness to success consciousness, Hill suggests cultivating a burning desire for what you want. You’ll want to back your thoughts with unwavering faith. Hill tells you how to take persistent action to make the money happen.

According to this book, we are the masters of our destiny, and the way to control our lives is to control our thoughts. Many newer books have said similar things — but Hill is a master of explanation.

4. The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

Opening with the compelling story of an average American couple; a low-level manager, and a beautician. Bach details how (with a joint income never exceeding $55,000 a year), this couple retired rich.

From owning two debt-free homes, putting their two kids through college, and retiring with more than one million in savings, their story outlines why paying oneself first is even more critical than budgeting alone.

According to Bach, you don’t necessarily have to be obsessed with money to become a millionaire.

5. The Mindful Millionaire by Leisa Peterson

Helping readers move from scarcity to abundance; Peterson reveals how the right shift in mindset is the ultimate key to wealth and happiness.

Through powerful practices, compelling stories, and extensive research, this book helps the reader explore self-limiting beliefs while providing actionable guidance.

Speaking from deep within her soul, Peterson gracefully blends her extensive experience as a financial advisor and mindfulness. She uncovers your limiting money stories — ultimately helping you to develop a new relationship with money.

6. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Suggesting the difference between an amateur and a professional has little to do with money and everything to do with mindset. Pressfield points to mental resilience as the critical determinant of success.

It’s those individuals that continue down a winding road who will succeed,  according to Pressfield.

Are you a person who can continue down that difficult road no matter the number of roadblocks in the way? It’s the “one foot in front of the other” that’s not easy.

The mindset to continue is a power requiring determination, persistence and an unbending will.

Armed with insight, you’ll begin noticing when you’re stuck in resistance and be left with the tools to change your mental patterns going forward.

7. The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clauson

Initially published in 1926, this book offers a relevant message and continues to top bestseller lists.

Made easy to read, you’re provided with common-sense financial advice, told through ancient parables.

Inspiring you to master the basics of money, which include paying yourself first and living below your means. I like to give this book to newlyweds, as an essential success book.

8. Mind Over Money by Brad Klontz, Psy.D & Ted Klontz, Ph.D

This book highlights anecdotal evidence that financial success is linked more to behavior than income.

The authors provide a breakthrough of sorts by providing both clinical and personal insights.

The Klontz premise is simple and easy to follow. Financial issues are clouded by psychology, and the more you understand emotions such as stress, fantasy, irrationality, and fear the more powerful you become.

9. The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley, Ph.D. and William D. Danko, Ph.D.

Drawing from personal interviews, The Millionaire Next Door explains how that many millionaires’ are a far cry from the stereotype of those who drive luxury cars, live in huge mansions, and fly in private jets.

The book also disproves the belief that becoming a millionaire is difficult — instead of explaining how anyone can learn not only how to become rich but also how to stay rich.

10. The Other 90% by Robert K. Cooper

Encouraging you out of a rut, Cooper poses introspective questions like,” What’s the most extraordinary thing you’ve done this week?”, or,” What’s the most exceptional thing you’re going to do next week?”

Using scientific data, Cooper outlines the importance of listening to your mind, your heart, and your gut, able to provide the best life direction.

Cooper explains how we avoid the significant steps forward, although they’re often the easiest. Cooper suggests “hoping” (though irrational) as one way to trigger your mind into finding opportunities and solutions you might otherwise miss.

These books are a staple of good readership about finances.

I might also add — Read Tony Robbins book, MONEY Master the Game. Some have not recommended the book because Robbins isn’t considered a financial expert. Well, maybe not — but look what he has accomplished. You’ll be glad you’ve read this book.

I can tell you that if you follow the advice in these eleven books, you will be okay financially — in fact — better than okay.

John Rampton

John Rampton

John Rampton is an entrepreneur and connector. When he was 23 years old, while attending the University of Utah, he was hurt in a construction accident. His leg was snapped in half. He was told by 13 doctors he would never walk again. Over the next 12 months, he had several surgeries, stem cell injections and learned how to walk again. During this time, he studied and mastered how to make money work for you, not against you. He has since taught thousands through books, courses and written over 5000 articles online about finance, entrepreneurship and productivity. He has been recognized as the Top Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine and Finance Expert by Time. He is the Founder and CEO of Due.

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