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4 Personal Finance Podcasts to Increase Your Bottom Line

Are you listening to any great money podcasts? Since placing guests on shows, I started listening to many more, including ones that feature influential powerhouses as well as regular people doing big things in the financial space.  Whether it covers exciting things happening with financial technology or just how to open up a savings account, you can drastically improve your knowledge about all things financial. To shave minutes off of having to thumb through the podcast listings on iTunes, here are some must-listen personal finance shows to put on your playlist.

Personal Finance Podcast 1. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Keep better tabs on your money after listening to financial expert, best-selling author and O Magazine Columnist, Farnoosh Torabi. Her podcast is another media outlet to drop knowledge bombs about different financial strategies wrapped inside the stories of her guests. Torabi features a rotating roster of business luminaries and financial influencers. Get a dose of  motivation or potentially have a question answered by the host herself regarding money, career and more. I was lucky enough to have Seth Godin answer a business-related  question I submitted “anonymously” on the show.

Personal Finance Podcast 2. Stacking Benjamins

Who knew that some of the best financial advice would come straight out of a mother’s basement in Texarkana? Sprinkled with humor and financial quips, Stacking Benjamins keeps producing top-tier personal finance information while promising to send its listeners on a path that betters their financial lives. Using news, facts, experience and some top-notch guests that know a thing or two about money; this podcast ranks supreme on iTunes for a reason. If you enjoy consuming money tips in bite size chunks in an entertaining, down-to-earth style, this show is for you.

Personal Finance Podcast 3. Money Mastermind Show

It’s an ensemble cast of top money bloggers exploring different financial topics on a weekly basis panelist style. Each person including a special guest weighs in on a current topic like rewards credit cards, cultivating a dream lifestyle  or discovering what wealth means to you with their unique experience, opinion or research tidbit to add to the conversation. You get a bunch of different perspectives all rolled into one on the show along with funny stories and occasion banter by the hosts. What’s unique is they broadcast live on Thursday nights at 10 PM EST. If you can’t hang with the cool kids in real time, catch the replay on their site or via YouTube. Also, check out their hashtag on Twitter #MoneyMastermindShow.

Personal Finance Podcast 4. Couple Money

While in some way it might be easier to make financial decisions for your business as a freelancer or solopreneur since you don’t have to run it by anyone if you’re in charge, things might be trickier to navigate as a couple with your own personal finances. Get financial wisdom to operate like a dynamic duo with podcast host, Elle Martinez. Her show discusses topics that today’s couples face like how to protect yourself against identity theft to how to find the best deals when you’re finding a house. Check out this show whose tagline promises to build up your marriage and grow your net worth.


The Bottom Line

If listening to podcasts is your thing, they could help you stay informed make better financial decisions. If you’re looking to up your game in the money department, check out the shows listed above. Your money would group hug you if  it were able.


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