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I am an active member of a local group of freelancers in my city called CollabMiami. A big part of the mission for this group is to get creatives to collaborate with freelancers on projects. Apparently, I live in a finance blogger bubble because it wasn’t until recently when I learned how competitive creative professionals […]

I recently attended a workshop all about using speaking as a marketing strategy to grow your business. The audience was a room full of women business owners who were thinking about using the stage to spread a message while also making money. Because I’m being approached for more speaking opportunities, I went to go check […]

speaker at conference

It’s that time of year again when a bunch of financial bloggers are soon heading to our biggest conference of the year. It’s also a time when we’re scrambling trying to get everything prepared ahead of time. After several years of panicking at the last minute, this year I’ve decided to do something different. Here […]

Speaking Gigs

I recently had my first paid speaking gig. Okay, well it technically wasn’t my first paid gig. I’ve had my tickets comped and I’ve been paid for doing webinars for companies. But, seeing as how I got a check and it was an in-person gig, I’m considering it my first paid speaking gig. I’ve been […]

Cities For Networking

Starting your freelancing career is never easy. There are fears to overcome and making decisions — like how much you’re going to charge your clients. One of the most overlooked considerations is where you’re going to live. I know what you’re thinking. You’re a freelancer. You can work whoever you want. While there is some-truth […]

When I started freelancing back in 2010 I honestly felt like there was nowhere I could turn to for support. Fortunately, my family was gung ho about it (they never wanted me to work for someone else), but the reality was they didn’t know how to give me the kind support I needed as a […]

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