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Your Next 90 Days Can Be the Most Profitable Ever

90 Days Most Profitable

As for me, this blog post focuses on something I’m passionate about. What is it? Basically, it’s how to achieve more progress in 90 days than you did last year.

How did I become so passionate about this topic? Throughout the years, I’ve embarked on a personal journey of growth and transformation. It all began when everything seemed fine on the surface.

My Personal Journey

I am not trying to brag here. But I was a successful financial advisor, a co-founder of an investment firm, and had everything I wanted. However, I felt a profound sense of discontent beneath the facade of success.

In other words, despite earning a comfortable income, I did not feel fulfilled. It felt like every day was a dull routine without purpose or excitement. Thankfully, after realizing I was following societal norms rather than pursuing my true passions, I changed course. As a result, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

I’ll be honest, this journey wasn’t easy. The process, however, taught me three invaluable lessons:

  • Clarity. Consider what success means to you personally. Set your own goals and aspirations rather than being governed by society’s expectations. Clarifying your values and priorities will give you the freedom to chart a course aligned with your true purpose.
  • Courage. Change is uncomfortable, but it must be embraced. In order to grow, we often have to take risks and step outside of our comfort zones. Dare to take risks and take on opportunities that scare you. The only way to unlock our full potential is to face our fears.
  • Community. Connect with mentors, peers, and friends who are passionate about your journey. You should also seek out people who inspire and challenge you to be your best. By working together, you will be able to overcome obstacles and celebrate victories.

The results? I found them to be nothing short of remarkable.

After a few years, my income nearly tripled, and I felt excited about my work again. The best part is, I learned how to live authentically again, aligned with my values.

Having said that, are you ready to achieve success and fulfillment? Well, let’s see how you can make more money in the next 90 days than you did last year.

Stop Measuring Forward, Start Measuring Backwards

Do you set ambitious goals only to be disappointed when you fail to achieve them? Try not to be too hard on yourself. This is a common trap called “measuring forward” that many of us fall into.

It makes sense when you think about it. Often, the road to success begins with lofty goals, fuelled by ambition and the desire to succeed.

However, many of us fail to realize how important it is to measure progress backward rather than forward. Let’s say you set a goal of saving $200 in a week, but instead, you manage to save $50. Rather than celebrating our progress, we often see it as a failure because we didn’t meet our initial goals.

Instead of measuring forward, though, try measuring backward.

In goal-setting, this is commonly referred to as “The Gap,” and it highlights a common pitfall — focusing solely on the end result without acknowledging any progress made in the process. If, however, we consider the journey from the backward perspective, we can appreciate every step forward, regardless of how small, and recognize the value of each one.

The key is to embrace progress and celebrate small victories rather than fixate on unattainable ideals. In turn, this can lead to a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction, which fuels gratitude and motivation.

Identify Your Kryptonite and Unleash Your Superpower

In our quest for success, we often emphasize qualities such as hard work and determination. However, there comes a point at which our relentless pursuit of success leads to burnout and disappointment. As such, we must recognize our limits and identify what drains our energy, or our “kryptonite.”

Recognizing our vulnerabilities is the first step to reclaiming our strength, whether it is a result of overworking, perfectionist tendencies, or a fear of failure. Working smarter, not harder, is possible when we recognize our unique capabilities and focus on tasks that align with our passions and strengths.

By delegating tasks, seeking support, and prioritizing self-care based on the concept of “unique ability,” as defined by Dan Sullivan, we will become more productive and fulfilled. In turn, this frees up your time and energy for activities that align with your strengths and bring you joy. As a result, you can spend time and energy on activities that align with your strengths and are enjoyable to you.

Ditch the Yearly Goals, Embrace the 90-Day Sprint

Often, we set annual goals or New Year’s resolutions without revisiting them until the following year in our pursuit of long-term success. We may, however, become less accountable and our aspirations may not match our actions if we take this approach. Maybe that’s why 92 percent of people who set goals fail to accomplish them.

Enter the 90-day goal system.

The goal here is to set measurable, achievable goals for the next quarter, aligned with your one-year, three-year, and lifetime goals. We gain clarity, focus, and momentum by dividing our goals into manageable chunks and reviewing them regularly. In addition to encouraging accountability, this iterative process also allows us to make course corrections, adapt, and celebrate progress.

Unveiling the RAP Method: A Blueprint for Success

Finding a method that works can transform the journey toward success. I would like to introduce you to what I have dubbed the RAP Method. No, you don’t have to bust out any rap lyrics. Instead, it’s about taking a rhythmic approach to accomplish your objectives.

The RAP Method: Planning based on results.

In essence, the RAP Method stands for Results and Advanced Planning. This is a simple yet powerful framework using the lessons above that I’ve used successfully with my financial planning clients and myself. It works like this:

  • Determine the results you want. In order to achieve success, you must clearly define what your goals are. The key is to be specific about your goals and aspirations, which may require some introspection and clarity on your part.
  • Reverse engineer your plan. As soon as you identify your desired results, you can reverse engineer your path to success. Create a plan for how to achieve your goals for the month, week, 90 days, one year, three years, and even for your lifetime. Using this comprehensive approach, each action you take will be aligned with your long-term goals.
  • Consistently review and take action. The RAP Method works best when it is consistent. Take deliberate action towards your goals every 90 days by reviewing your progress, adjusting your plans, and taking intentional action. To succeed, you must be dedicated and willing to prioritize your growth.

Being consistent and intentional has a powerful effect.

It may seem deceptively easy to implement the RAP Method, but its effectiveness comes from its consistent and intentional implementation. The more regularly you set and review your goals, the more accountability and momentum you will experience.

As a result of this method, I have experienced profound growth and transformation. My life was changed by a simple framework that transformed into a process that paved the way for my success in both my professional and personal lives. The results speak for themselves, from increased revenue to greater confidence and fulfillment.

Closing Thoughts

You may benefit from the RAP Method if you’re seeking something more in life but aren’t sure where to begin. Anyone willing to work hard and embrace the journey of personal growth can find a roadmap to success.

The key to success is to enjoy the journey along the way as well as the destination. Using the RAP Method as your guide, you can chart your course to an abundant, fulfilling, and purposeful future.


What if I don’t have a specific “income-generating” role?

Adaptability is one of the best features of this challenge. Whatever your situation may be—freelancer, entrepreneur, employee, or student—you can find a way to increase your income. Find a side hustle, upgrade your skills, sell unused items, or even rent your spare room!

90 days seem daunting. How do I break it down?

Chunk it!

Identify smaller, attainable milestones for each month of your goal. As you achieve each one, celebrate your accomplishments and adjust your approach if necessary. Keep in mind that progress is more important than perfection!

Will this sacrifice my wellImage Credit: -being?

The key to success is balance. Make self-care a priority and manage your time efficiently to avoid burnout. By delegating tasks, automating where you can, and setting clear boundaries between work and personal life, you can accomplish this.

In the long run, you will be more productive if you are healthy and energized.

What if I encounter setbacks or challenges?

Setbacks are inevitable! Embrace them as opportunities for learning. Stay resilient by analyzing what went wrong, adapting your strategy, and adjusting your approach as needed.

Remember, persistence is the key to achieving your goals!

How can I stay motivated and avoid burnout?

  • Set SMART goals. The best way to stay focused and on track is to set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals.
  • Break down your goals into smaller steps. By doing so, they become easier to handle and less intimidating.
  • Celebrate your wins, big and small. Your motivation and confidence will be boosted if you acknowledge your progress.
  • Prioritize self-care. To avoid burnout, make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthily, and schedule time for activities you enjoy.
  • Seek support. Be surrounded by positive and encouraging people who believe in your goals, like mentors or mastermind groups.

Image Credit: Magda Ehlers; Pexels

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