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Networking around the world

Online networking is how I started my business. For the first few years, I connected with clients by pitching constantly and responding to a few job listings from the comfort of home. Venturing out to live events and conferences is when the game changed for me. My business started growing rapidly with the support of […]

How to Network Globally

I am often told that I am out socializing…a lot. While it may look like fun and games on Instagram, the truth is there’s a reason I attend so many industry events. Quite frankly, they lead to more money. Just recently, I’ve had to tell business coaching clients to get out there more. It’s very […]

business negotiation

The notion of networking and business connections is coming up a lot in my world lately. I admit that I have a knack for networking, so sometimes I forget other people find it difficult. Fortunately, the Universe seems to be reminding me of this because for the last two weeks everyone in my orbit keeps […]


The idea of networking makes some people’s skin crawl. They imagine a bad event in a hotel conference room where everyone has a name tag and a pitch. This alone makes it difficult to build authentic relationships. They may also feel fears about being judged or rejected for their business idea. Like with most things, […]

As my business grows, I find myself receiving more random requests for joint collaborations. While there was a time that I would have jumped on every collaboration that comes my way, I’ve now become far more discerning about it. In fact, in the last couple of days alone I’ve received four requests for joint collaborations. […]

Cities For Networking

There is a common theme that keeps coming up for my private coaching clients lately. On just about every call, they mention how they can’t seem to find people who get them. They want to be around like-minded entrepreneurs and aren’t really sure where to find them. Sadly, this is extremely common in the beginning […]

Cities For Networking

I recently came back from attending my sixth conference in 2017. Yes, you read that correctly – six. Truth be told, I did not plan this, it kind of just happened. That being said, I did recently get asked about why I attend conferences so regularly. More specifically, I was asked about the benefits of […]


We’ve all heard the saying that your network equals your net worth. The reason the saying is so popular is because it’s absolutely true. Sometimes business isn’t about what you know, but rather who you know through networking connections. While I’ve always been good at maintaining networking connections, I’ve gotten a major lesson in leveling […]

lending business

At first, I didn’t think it was worthwhile to build friendships with other business owners. Boy, was I wrong. After forming relationships, I quickly understood how beneficial it is for personal and professional growth. The very best business referrals come from people you know. Many of the awesome movers and shakers I’ve met over time […]

Networking around the world

I’m going to say something that’s probably not very popular; I can’t stand networking. It’s not that I’m antisocial or hate attending networking events. As long as they have a purpose, like an awesome speaker or training sessions, I’m game. If people will be there that have great ideas and energy to share, I’m game. But […]

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