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hitting the target

You’ve probably heard of the saying FOMO before. It’s the fear of missing out on experiences when you see other people doing them. FOMO can happen in your personal life, and it’s a real phenomenon in business as well. It seems like every day there’s a new business fad that’s being touted as the next […]

obtaining money from lenders

Copywriting can be a difficult task for most business owners. It involves writing clear and concise content that has an underlying marketing message. Simply put, most people don’t get it right and either produce ineffective and confusing copy or over-salesy language when they try the DIY approach. While you can always consider hiring a professional […]

marketing your business globally

Influencer marketing is a million dollar industry today, and a key part of any company’s marketing strategy. If you’re a small business owner or an influencer in any capacity, the opportunities to create partnerships with brands are everywhere. Your social media and website platforms an generate real money for you. However, not every brand is […]

email sales

There’s no question — all business owners should grow an email list. But there’s a crucial aspect of growing an email list that often gets left out of the conversation. It’s something that will leave you sorely disappointed when you launch a product and only one or two people actually buy from the thousands of […]

increase sales performance

When you’re running a business, having an effective sales funnel in place can really help you reach your goals especially if they involve turning your audience from mere spectators to raving fans and customers. This won’t happen by accident and a sales funnel is a very strategic process that is required to take people from […]

Mobile and video will reign supreme

If the thought of going live or recording videos for your business makes your pits sweat and skin crawl I’m right there with you. Video (and even audio) is something I’ve resisted doing for years because I hate hearing the sound of my voice. I’ve also been scared to death that I wouldn’t be able […]

There has been tremendous growth in digital marketing in recent times with marketers turning to AI to predict consumer behavior. A number of small and medium businesses have tended to concentrate their marketing efforts on social media, pop-up ads, websites, and email lists. While some of these methods have been effective in attracting valuable customers, […]

Since 2010, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and sandwiched in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is dedicated to supporting small and local businesses across the country. Launched by American Express, the idea behind Small Business Saturday is to helps communities thrive. The day encourages people to support local businesses during one of the busiest […]

I recently attended a workshop all about using speaking as a marketing strategy to grow your business. The audience was a room full of women business owners who were thinking about using the stage to spread a message while also making money. Because I’m being approached for more speaking opportunities, I went to go check […]

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