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‘Invisible Payments’ and a Smooth Customer Experience

Every small business owner wants repeat business. Even if you’re all about the hustle, it requires a ton of active work to constantly pitch your products and services to others. Having some repeat business can provide you with a sense of security and stability while you dedicate some time and effort to grow your business […]

online marketing

While you can try to analyze the methods of online gurus and mimic what they do, you might not necessarily see the same traction. Don’t beat yourself about it. Luckily, many of these people offer courses to teach the specifics. If you like learning their detailed step-by-step processes, many of these online entrepreneurs offer courses […]

Interesting Facts About Freelancing

As a freelancer, you probably have many talents and skills you could offer to prospective clients. In fact if you’re like me, one reason you might have gone into business in the first place is because you have a whole bag of skills that weren’t being utilized at your day job. With so many things […]

Maybe you’ve tried to make more money, but you feel like you’re making little progress. You might’ve tried listening to a number of gurus, but it’s not getting you anywhere. Functioning on information overload might be the culprit. Here are three ways to fix this. If you bypass these tips, you’ll miss out on having […]

While Facebook is great for sharing your latest selfies, catching up with family that lives far away or just peeking in on what the Jones are doing, the Facebook group can be used to help grow your business. 1. You can find media opportunities Sometimes writers need to quote experts for their print articles and […]

Instagram is a very underutilized tool in the business world, but it’s a very powerful one if you know how to use it correctly. While many small business owners have found great success marketing their products or services with Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget that there are many other social media sites that can help to catapult […]

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