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Simple Money Cheat Sheets

Saving money when going to a conference is possible, but there are hidden costs you have to stay away from. Failing to plan can be costly. When attending a conference, travel preparation is one of the biggest tips for saving money. It can help you avoid overspending unnecessarily. Here are some basic tips to avoid […]

freelance strategies

Using freelance writers makes more sense than ever these days. More and more businesses have an online presence. That presence may be a website, or some sort of account in social media.Needless to say, that presence is increasingly critical. For businesses trying to achieve a competitive advantage over their rivals,Being there simply isn’t good enough. Content […]

mistakes business owners make

No matter how great you are at your craft, small business owner and freelancers are all prone to making mistakes when it comes to business. If you’re making one of these basic mistakes, here’s how to improve moving forward. Mistake #1: Not Supporting your Small Business team. I recently heard Mario Batali explain on a […]

Cities For Networking

Starting your freelancing career is never easy. There are fears to overcome and making decisions — like how much you’re going to charge your clients. One of the most overlooked considerations is where you’re going to live. I know what you’re thinking. You’re a freelancer. You can work whoever you want. While there is some-truth […]

Having a job that allows you to work from anywhere has it’s perks. You don’t have to dress up for a job, fight traffic or read books about dealing with annoying colleagues. You can also work from any location and customize work to your lifestyle. Here are some tips to blend the two and get the most […]

Working for yourself is one of the best things you can do with your life, and freelancing is the first step to eventually becoming a business owner and having all the freedom you can ask for.  You may already be a freelancer with years of experience, or maybe you’re just starting out. Whatever the case, […]

Comparing yourself to others is a losing battle. We’re all guilty of it, whether we see someone we wish we could look like on the street or whether we read an income report from another blogger and wish we could be just as successful. Although comparison can be a useful tool from time to time […]

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