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One of the biggest struggles I hear from business owners is the struggle to save money for themselves, especially in the first couple of years of business. I get it. It feels nearly impossible to save when most of what you’re earning is going back into the business. But, the reality is you can’t neglect […]

Figuring out how to budget on your own can sometimes be a little aggravating or discouraging. If you don’t have a lot of experience with apps or spreadsheets, or even just balancing your checking and spending – it can feel like you’re trying to teach an unruly dog to walk nicely on a leash. If you’re […]

We all love a steady paycheck. That’s why so many people continue working the 9 to 5 grind, even if they don’t like or enjoy their job. They enjoy receiving that steady, reliable, and wonderful paycheck every two weeks. Admittedly, that is one nice thing about having a “traditional” job, you more than likely know […]

Did you know that just like using budgeting methods for your personal and household expenses, budgeting for a business can be done in more than one way? Of course, some things are the same no matter what type of budgeting you choose for your business. You’ll still have to pay for things like your co-working […]

Starting a business is hard and takes time. However, eventually, you do start to see the fruits of your labor starting to pay off. You may not realize it in the beginning, but rest assured eventually you do reach a tipping point where things start becoming much easier. When this tipping point actually occurs is […]

Money challenges are all the rage in the personal finance space. They make finances fun while people work toward their goals. While many of these challenges are geared toward people with regular income, the truth is business owners could really benefit from them as well. As we’ve mentioned before, it can be difficult for business […]

One of the questions I see bloggers and freelancers asking the most is what they should look for in a good accountant. Many of them, understandably, have been W-2 employees their entire lives and could get away with firing up TurboTax once a year. However, as many freelancers come to learn, working for yourself isn’t […]

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