“Ben Franklin may have discovered electricity – but it is the man who invented the meter who made the money.”

– Earl Warren

Earl Warren, who changed the social and diverse American landscape with a swing of his gavel, articulated perfectly the relationship between a service, the service provider, and the service customer when he spoke the words, “It is the man who invented the meter who made the money.” Even now, in a culture that fosters and develops founders and places value on great ideas, anyone who knows anything about getting a business off the ground knows that even the best ideas don’t get anywhere without a way to monetize, monitor, and communicate its value to the customer. With any great idea, even that which revolutionizes the daily lives of every individual on the planet, one needs a more complete sense of implementation before the idea can be fully carried out.


My name is Jessica and I am a fanatic about inspirational quotes that help people become better. If I'm helping you become better, I've done my job!

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