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Blog » News » Equinox to launch exclusive $40,000 gym membership to beat Father Time

Equinox to launch exclusive $40,000 gym membership to beat Father Time

Equinox to launch gym membership

Equinox, the fitness chain known throughout the United States, is set to launch an expensive personal fitness membership for $40,000.

The program “Optimize by Equinox” is being developed in connection with Function Health to delay the ravages of Father Time.

Optimize by Equinox

Most Americans will undoubtedly be unable to afford the super-expensive fitness plan, but this all-inclusive health membership is no less intriguing.

Co-founder of Function Health, Jonathan Swerdlin, told CNN, “It’s really a paradigm shift in how we’re able to live with vitality and avoid suffering.”

The program hopes to take advanced testing techniques and merge them with the company’s experience with biotech and nutrition to slow the effects of the aging process.

“It (the membership) deals with what’s above the surface, your abs and glutes, which you can see in the mirror that are great. But it also deals with what’s below the surface and what you can’t see in the mirror. And that’s revolutionary.”

New members embarking on the membership will undergo a battery of tests by Equinox and Function Health.

The expensive gauntlet of tests, starting with Function Health, targets everything from the immune system to heart health and cancer markers. Equinox then does its own swathe of physical and motion testing.

Julia Klim, vice president of strategic partnerships and business development at Equinox, said, “It’s the same as Formula One or an athlete, where you are given a team of top experts in all these different verticals to design a program based on all the data that we collected.”

As we reported this week, the biotech and medical science market is booming. So, this partnership aims to test Equinox’s ability to mix their offering with advanced bioscience.

According to a CNN report, Equinox completed a recent round of funding worth $1.8 billion, which refinances $1.2 billion in existing debt for the physical fitness leader.

According to Equinox, this new Optimize program will be launched in New York City and Highland Park, Texas, before being rolled out nationwide in major cities.

Image: Equinox.

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