Credit Card Payment Costs

Merchant accounts often come with significant fees, including a percentage of the total transaction plus a separate transaction fee. While Due offers a way to accept credit cards as payment for your invoices without needing a merchant account, you may wonder if there are still costs involved.

When it comes to your, your account is absolutely free of any costs, including using a payment method that lets you accept credit card payments. This is because lets you integrate your online invoices with PayPal or Stripe, two payment systems that allow you to accept debit and credit card payments.

You will, of course, be subject to any fee structures they have, which is minimal. For example, Stripe does not charge any monthly fee. Instead, it charges 2.9% of each transaction total plus $0.30 per transaction. PayPal has the same fee structure except for international clients where it’s 3.9% plus a fixed fee per transaction.

With free online invoicing and low fees through PayPal or Stripe, it makes great business sense to expand your payment types to attract and keep clients as well as speed payments.


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