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Do you need to bring some attention to your business? Getting media mentions is a way to build brand awareness. Pitching and landing media mentions can feel like a daunting, intimidating and expensive task. But it can be done even if you don’t have the budget to hire a publicist. Here are a few steps […]


Content is the buzzword now in the digital age. Celebrities create content. Businesses create content. Influencers create content. Everyone is creating content. There is a lot of pressure for creators to make new content constantly because people are always online and looking for new ways to be entertained and informed. In an effort to create […]

email marketing tips

I love email marketing. It’s a great way to connect with my audience on a deeper level and it’s also one of the best ways to increase sales. When you think about it, people join your email list because they want to hear more from you and engage with your business. This provides the perfect […]


You’ve probably heard the advice over and over again that you need to become an authority and build your own personal brand to stand out. How is all of this done? It’s not as simple as using the same colors consistently on your website. Here are four steps to take to start becoming an authority […]

I’ve always actively avoided standing in front of crowds. I had a serious fear of public speaking. Despite having valuable information to share, I worried I would freeze up and look like an amateur. Whenever people suggested that I add speaking to my business, I made excuses to avoid it at all costs. My opinion […]

hard work seo

You’ve probably heard that using certain keywords is important when you create content for your site. What’s the big deal? Search engines use keywords to help people find your website. Readers type in phrases or keywords and the engine populates various sites that could be relevant for them to view. The purpose of researching and […]


Sponsored posts are one form of income that I love making on my blog. Although it’s not passive, it’s one of the easier ways to earn income from blogging. A sponsored blog post is when a company pays for you to write a post on your website. It’s usually an opportunity for them to promote […]

email sales

Your business needs an email list. If you were to poll a group of online business owners about what they would do differently going back and restarting their business, a typical answer would be “I wish I had started my email list earlier.” I’ve heard it again and again. It doesn’t matter if you are […]

Online Marketing

Also known as Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing, Online Marketing is fast-becoming the preferred marketing platform for most companies, including freelancers and small businesses. The fact that more consumers and businesses are online doing research, socializing with and getting advice from their respected peers, and, most importantly, buying goods and services makes online marketing knowledge a must for a business. It makes sense that, if you want to get noticed, you will move the majority of your marketing efforts online where your target audience is spending their time. Plus, you will be able to compete on a more even playing field with much larger competitors.

Online marketing, covers a diverse type of channels and tactics designed to connect and engage with those target customers. These tactics include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), online advertising, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and blogging. Many of these strategies are considerably lower in terms of the necessary investment while delivering a significant return, especially when it comes to tapping into local search to target those potential customers closest to your location for lead conversion.

Since Online Marketing has been a proven strategy for attracting and retaining customers as well as helping freelancers and small business owners get more traction, we have added this as a category to our blog. With a team full of talented individuals who have worked in online marketing now at Due, they are putting their knowledge and experience to work for you by developing fresh content about online marketing and tips to maximize its primary benefits.

Numerous blog posts are dedicated to providing the basics involved in the different platforms and tactics involved in online marketing. For example, there are articles about how to use social media marketing or search engine marketing to get more attention from your target audience, including tools and systems designed to help you with the planning and execution on your online strategies. There are also articles about designing and managing digital marketing plans.

Other blog posts about online marketing are more specific, such as those that introduce new tools like Haro and Periscope or articles which provide tips on improving your presence on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. Additionally, advice is offered on how to best use your budget across the online marketing environment, offering the greatest return for your company and personal brand in areas like content marketing and online advertising.

The library of online marketing articles also provides in-depth articles related to branding, which is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Articles include information on how to build a personal brand as well as how to ensure more authenticity and consistency in your branding efforts and messages. These blog posts also feature how to handle those online marketing mistakes that may have tarnished your brand and reputation, including how to fix a poor online reputation or how to recover from a Google penalty.

Finally, there are articles that illustrate the value of certain tactics that do not necessary involve online platforms but encourage you to do some offline marketing efforts. For example, there are articles about upcoming bloggers and online marketing conferences to attend where you can get more information to help your marketing strategy, networking efforts, and hone your business skills. Be sure to visit often to read the latest online marketing articles we have published.

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