There are always different opinions when it comes to this question: Is a business degree really necessary to run a business? I think many people can agree that individuals do create and run successful businesses without a business degree (I’m one of them!) However, I’ve often wondered if a business degree would have made me […]

In the world on online business you may notice that freelancers everywhere are starting a podcast for their freelance businesses. Heck, I started one last week! I get lots of questions in my inbox as to whether or not freelancers should start a podcast, and the answer really depends on whether or not it makes […]

Entrepreneurship can be an exciting but sometimes lonely lifestyle. You get so wrapped up in your business ideas and your goals that it can be easy to alienate yourself from others. That’s why, as a young entrepreneur, it’s a great idea to befriend others with similar goals and mindsets. But, how do you meet them? […]

Staying connected to the internet as a business person is of the utmost importance. Sure, some things can be done offline. But serious professionals who work no matter what need internet at all times. If your smartphone just isn’t up for the task, it’s best to be able to pull out a laptop and get down […]

If you’re busy like me and the rest of the world, right now you’re thinking, I don’t even have time for my clients… How will I possibly have time to listen to hour-long podcasts? I get it. But the most successful freelancers know two things: There’s 1440 minutes in a day. How to capitalize on […]

A big part of running a freelance business is the ability to juggle building your own brand with client work. I’m not going to lie, it’s a lot of work to manage your own company brand while keeping up with clients. You constantly have to be creating high-quality content for yourself and your audience. After […]

Generate Business While Skipping Networking Events

Sometimes getting new business can be a lot of work. Attending area networking events or flying to conferences can be time-consuming and even costly. Don’t get discouraged though, you can actually generate business without going anywhere using the ideas below. 1. Work with someone whose services compliments yours. As a freelancer or small business owner, you […]

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