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4 Mindset Shift for Better Sales Calls

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Sales is all about mindset. Why? Because, at the end of the day, people buy confidence and that starts from within. That’s why after practicing the skill set required for sales, you need to shift your mindset for better sales calls.

Rather than going into the technical side of sales – like how what to say when someone objects – I’m going to discuss what needs to be going on in your own mind during sales calls. Trust me, when you implement these you’ll start making more money.

Mindset shift #1: This isn’t a job interview.

For most of us, we go into entrepreneurship after having been employees for someone else. Unfortunately, we tend to bring the employee mentality with us into our businesses. More often than not it shoots us in the foot.

One of the areas in which this mentality screws with us is during sales calls. Many business owners enter sales calls as if they are being interviewed for a job. In reality, the business owner should be interviewing the prospect to see whether or not they are a good fit.

Acting like an employee is such an epidemic among business owners that I dedicated an entire section to it in my book. Truth be told, sales is just one of the areas in which this negatively affects business owners.

Mindset shift #2: You are presenting facts.

Part of the reason why business owners have a problem conducting better sales calls is because they feel uncomfortable talking about themselves.  The problem is the lack of self-promotion also leads to a lack of money in the bank.

That’s why many business owners need to shift their mindsets about sales and self-promotion. At the end of the day, you are just letting someone know that you have a solution to their problem. You are presenting facts, nothing else.

This is neither sleazy nor bothersome and if someone has a problem with it they aren’t your ideal client anyway.

Mindset shift #3: You need only work with the right people.

I’ve had many consultation calls where someone tells me they’ve tried catering to everyone for a decade and have gotten nowhere. They aren’t making money, and when they do land a client they are a total pain.

One thing business owners need to understand for better sales calls is that they need only work with the right people. This may mean you only work with five people but for a lot of money and that’s okay.

The reason this leads to better sales calls is because the more specialized you are, the more people want to work with you. You need to be an expert at something in order for someone to want to give you their money.

Mindset shift #4: Your time is valuable. Act accordingly.

There’s one thing I’ve noticed that money people really understand. That one thing is they understand just how valuable their time is. It’s literally valuable (they can always make more money with the time they have available) and it’s also figuratively valuable (you don’t get time back).

By understanding that your time as a business owner is valuable, you can conduct better sales calls. You become confident. You cut to the chase. And you have less tolerance for bad behavior in your business.

Final Thoughts

Conducting better sales calls really just goes back to confidence. Acquiring the confidence, however, requires some mindset shifts along the way.

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