John Delia writes at LifeLibertynProperty.com When you’re ready to get started investing in real estate, you need actionable tips without a lot of filler mixed in. Life, Liberty n’ Property cuts right to the chase in providing straightforward answers to the most common real estate investing questions.


When you’re looking for strategies on how to increase traffic to website, social media marketing is an excellent option that doesn’t cost you a dime. To drive traffic to your site, it’s not enough to simply get on social media networks, though. You must engage with your audience. Learn more about social media engagement, from […]


In any business venture, there is one quality that can improve or ruin your business. And, it might not be what you think. Whether you are developing a passive income through real estate or an online business, credibility can be a key factor in bringing in more sales or securing that client. If you have […]

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A lifelong learner is one who takes the opportunity to learn through all kinds of situations whether they’re formal or informal learning circumstances. When you’re eager as well as hungry for knowledge, you’re more likely to excel in your chosen craft. It’s vital that you invest in yourself when setting goals, so that you can […]

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Being a Founder or a part of a startup is like taking on a new identity. Charting new territory and building a whole new enterprise requires an entirely new skill set. As the founder and potentially CEO, your customers, team, and investors all rely on you for direction and vision. Scary? Yes. Excited? Can be. […]

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A pitch deck is a simple and effective way to explain your product or service via written presentation to potential clients or investors. The deck usually stands on its own. This means your pitch should clearly state your case and answer rebuttals without you being present. Shows like Shark Tank portray entrepreneurs and businesses owners […]

Do you remember the dreaded group projects in college? It seemed as if the professor of every course gave the same lecture about the value of teamwork and how collaboration was crucial in the workplace. We all realized that employers needed to know that we can work well with others, but that was not the […]

Both startup founders and employees should be familiar with overcoming adversity. The startup life is a never-ending battle of establishing yourself as a new player in a market. The battle starts with being able to clearly and succinctly describe your product or service. You have to capture the attention of co- founders, teams, vendors, customers, […]

Congratulations! You’ve done it. You’ve decided to take the leap and start your own business. You’re excited at the possibility and the ability to finally do work on your terms on topics you are passionate about. Before you get too far, take a moment to recognize that while romanticized at first, working as a solopreneur […]

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