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3 Ways of Leveraging Personal Clarity in Your Startup

Discover how you spend your days

Being a Founder or a part of a startup is like taking on a new identity. Charting new territory and building a whole new enterprise requires an entirely new skill set.

As the founder and potentially CEO, your customers, team, and investors all rely on you for direction and vision.

  • Scary? Yes.
  • Excited? Can be.

Depends on your outlook. Most of us are guided by ambition. We have goals for who and what we want to become.

But what about those among us who’s mental picture of the future isn’t so clear? All of us don’t have life planned with crystal clarity.

It is incredibly important that youre able to clarify and articulate where you want to be.

First, recognize that we all start somewhere. Every epic journey has a starting point. This is your current status in life. Your age, gender, education, location and profession which all contribute to your current state of being. Begin by taking stock of who you are by listing milestones and accomplishments.

Now, for the fun part. To live life on purpose, you have to have a vision. You need to know what and who do you want to be. Once this is clarified you will be able to hone in on specific skills and values you offer to the world. In short, it’s your path to payday.

Understanding your why 

When was the last time you cried? Seriously. What was the last thing that made you choke up or self-reflect deeply? For most people, it’s something painful or that causes deep hurt.

We also cry when we’re touched or in great moments of joy.

Crying is the ultimate release and strongest expression of an emotion. When we cry we have passion mixed with emotion that erupt in an emotional display. This is the money maker.

The motivation that drives your passion is the underlying reason to succeed. This meaning or “why” has to be a commitment and a deep belief. The companies that are able to harness this raw emotion and passion are profitable from the beginning. They fight for market share, credibility, and more customers.

You’re why is going to help you when the days are long and the battles are rough. You have the ability to push through the trough of sorrow to the success you envision.

Being All In – You have done all the research and are committed. 

There’re many long, slow and frankly bad days that come with being a startup or founder. The commitment must be firm. Your belief in your idea and dream has to be unshaken. You have to be all in. In all aspects and facets of your business. You have to understand the business model, understand the research, and build contacts in the industry. Yes, you must be proactive to do things to become a student. With curiosity and discipline doors will open and you will grow and prosper.

Research allows you to create metrics and benchmarks. You can use this data and information as a starting point for security. Once you’ve completed the researched you should be all in. You should have a strategy mapped and supporting evidence to push forward.

Research allows you to create a solid pitch deck. A pitch deck is a simple and effective way to explain your product or service via written presentation to potential clients or investors. Time to stop research and start working when your pitch can clearly state your case and answer rebuttals without you being present.

Not Caring – Let everyone know where youre going with what you’re doing. 

Confidence breeds success.

Look no further than our current president to realize that confidence can literally make your dreams reality.

What is it about confidence more so than any other behavior that leads to success?

You stop caring! In order to be confident you have to displace the value, you place on other people’s opinions.

You start to believe and trust in your ideas above all else.

Be bullishly optimistic that the decision you made is the right one…and even if it’s wrong, you would rather make your wrong decision than following blindly along with someone else’s.

Being a Founder or a part of a startup you have to be confident to succeed in business.

Confidence moves motivate and drives people. It influences and builds trust. Because you understand your why and you’re now all in, you can clearly tell people where you’re going, what you’re doing and want you may need or want.

Not caring does not mean be lazy. Use mentors and people you trust to get feedback.

It means standing firm (confident) in your ideas and beliefs while backing it with action and diligence.

More for self-reflection and personal clarity  

To sum up, remember personal reflection allows you to tap into what really motivates and moves you on an emotional level. Three actionable steps for leveraging personal clarity include:

  1. Understanding Your Why
  2. Being All in – You have done all the research and are committed.
  3. Not Caring – Let everyone know where you’re going with what you’re doing.

Once you harness the power embodied by your fundamental beliefs there is no stopping what you can accomplish.

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