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programmer team

Managing a virtual team is tough. It requires you to create and maintain a strong company culture remotely. Additionally, it requires you to use the right strategies so your team can stay productive. That said, here are five effective ways in which you can manage your virtual team. Choose the right people If you want to […]

make money repeat

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it but I’ll say it again. You need money to make money. It’s no secret that millionaires have different qualities and habits than the average person. When it comes to money management, those habits become much more prevalent. They’ve developed unique strategies that help them make smarter decisions around […]


Whether you’re taking the stage for a keynote presentation or gathering for your weekly standup meeting, you compete with dozens of distractions. If you don’t engage with your audience within the first few minutes you’ll likely lose them for the entire business meeting. Audience engagement is an integral part of business meetings and presentations.  If […]

ideas worth having

Being a successful entrepreneur today is all about generating multiple sources of income. The title, “serial entrepreneur,” is tossed around with ease because the internet has created an avenue through which we can find endless ways to make a living. Those who diversify their revenue streams will help ensure their chances of success without necessarily […]

sales shout out

No matter what industry you are in, or what job title you hold, the art of the sale is an essential skill every professional needs in their toolkit. Even if you are not working in “sales,” you are selling things every day; whether it’s a pitch in a meeting, or convincing your boss you should be able […]

common money mistakes

When the average person thinks “startup,” they usually picture Patagonia half-zips, meetings with investors at Brazilian steakhouses, and button activated espresso machines. Nobody pictures the less glamorous side of slowly figuring out how to run and optimize your business. One crucial component of any business is managing cash collections – after all, no business can […]

vacationing budget

One of the greatest things about being an entrepreneur is the ability to dictate your own schedule. After all, your business is yours to run, which means you don’t have to answer to anyone else when you make decisions around how you spend your time. That all said, there are always two sides to everything. […]

accounting basics

In startups, money is your lifeblood. That’s why it’s usually top of mind for every entrepreneur, and not for the reasons you’re probably thinking of. Instead they’re worrying about whether they’ll have enough cash for that next big marketing campaign. Or if they’ll be able to pay their employees each month. Before they reach that […]

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