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Bitcoin & Blockchain

Over the last couple of years digital currencies like bitcoin have captured the imaginations of everyone from investors to business owners. And, thanks to advocacy groups and more than the 100,000 businesses who accept bitcoin, we can expect even more awareness and acceptance of digital currencies. But, you can’t discuss these digital currencies without mentioning […]

Understanding Security

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or you run an online business, securing both your and your customers’ sensitive data should always be a priority. While taking measures like using anti-virus software, tools to detect malware, and educating yourself and employees on the most common threats are all great places to start, data breaches aren’t […]

Due Logo EPS

If you’re looking to bill clients online or you own an online store, look no further than Due! Due powers online payments via an eCheck or payment processing. Due offers extremely low credit card processing rates at 2.8% flat with no hidden or monthly fees. If you’re looking to start processing payments for your business you can […]

For a more in depth tutorial on how to use Due Invoicing you can click here. If you’re simply looking to save an invoice as a PDF you can follow these simple steps:     Click on the Invoices tab on the left hand menu to access your invoices. Click on the ‘Options’ button on […]

In order to begin processing payments, you’ll need to enable Due Payments on your Due.com account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for free here. Here’s how to enable Due Payments on your Due.com account so you can start processing!   1. Create a Due Account    Make sure you […]

Important: In order to accept payments on Due Invoicing you’ll need to complete your settings. You do not need to use any other service in order to use Due Invoicing. If you would like to accept credit card payments from your customer you will need to Enable Due Payments. If you haven’t yet enabled Due […]

The recent security breaches with Yahoo and other large organizations like the U.S. Department of Justice, Snapchat, Internal Revenue Service, Oracle, LinkedIn and UC Berkeley illustrate that cybersecurity breaches are still a significant problem. The Identity Theft Resource Center has already recorded 845 major breaches in 2016 that has impacted approximately 29 million records since […]

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