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18 Guaranteed Ways to Make Money

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The world is changing quickly. The level of automation in our society is increasing, and the jobs that people are going to need to succeed in the future are evolving. In some ways, finding guaranteed ways to make money and add value to other people is an increasingly difficult task.

Guaranteed Ways to Make Money.

That said, with a more connected world, there are more opportunities to make money. You can do micro jobs and take advantage of constantly evolving opportunities.

Plus, globalization has opened the door to add value for people well outside of your immediate proximity. For the upcoming year, here are 18 guaranteed ways to make money to maximize your earning potential:

  1. Develop a social media brand.

Social media is quickly becoming the world’s most powerful platform for generating revenue and reaching an audience. While the ecosystem is becoming more and more competitive, there are a number of tools you can leverage to stand out.

There are some Instagram automation services, for instance, that help you accelerate your growth quickly and gain new followers. It is important to invest in generating high-quality content. Develop loyalty among your fans before you begin to monetize. Spend time studying what attracts followers on this social media site before you begin so you can accelerate the results. 

  1. Drive for Uber and/or Lyft.

There are a few prerequisites you have to meet to become a driver. Assuming you are at least 21 have been driving for three years. You have a clean record and a nice enough car, though, you can make serious money driving for Uber or Lyft.

It’s possible to be a driver for both at the same time. Plus, you can drive when it fits your schedule, turning your availability on or off. Don’t forget that you can also write off a lot of expenses for doing this, which will offset the increase in your income. 

  1. Teach others a skill that you have.

If you are a talented musician, athlete or you have other desired skills, you could get paid to teach others. There are many ways to approach this income stream. For example, you could either become a freelance teacher or look for a service that helps match you with clients.

Additionally, you could make YouTube videos that teach others. The videos could be monetized as you gain followers or subscribers. Whatever path you take, this idea is an opportunity to make some serious money, improve your teaching ability and help others.

Do not underestimate all of the time you spent as a kid playing the piano or learning to do backflips.

  1. Put a room in your house on Airbnb.

There are inconveniences that come with being an Airbnb host. However, the income may just be worth the invasion of your privacy. As long as you have a room to spare in your house, you can lend it out and make some extra money.

Plus, it could give you an opportunity to meet and connect with interesting people. You can opt to do it when you feel comfortable with having the extra guests so you don’t feel like all your privacy is gone.

Additionally, you may want to consider doing an extended rental period while you are away on vacation. Not only does this offset the cost of the holiday, but you may also end up with some extra spending money. 

  1. Go through your old things and sell them.

You likely have books, clothes and other novelty items laying around that you no longer use. Spending a few days to go through those things and list them on Amazon, eBay, or other sites can be a great way to make some extra cash.

While sites like Amazon and eBay may charge a fee to use them, you may be able to make more money by listing the items on Craigslist or a Facebook group in your area. These options for selling old things are free. 

  1. User Fiverr.

There are countless tasks on Fiverr that you can pick up. Each one, by itself, does not offer a significant amount of money. Doing many tasks, though, can add up to a nice chunk.

Consider this as an option when you see some free time on the calendar and don’t have other more lucrative options on the table. 

  1. Walk or babysit dogs.

You can do this on a neighborhood level or use a service to find clients. Walking or sitting dogs tends to take minimal effort. Also, it can be a great way to make some extra cash.

Plus, if you like animals, what is better than getting paid to spend time with them? Consider advertising on local Facebook groups and sites like Yelp.

With both platforms, ask your customers to post reviews about how well you do because this will help you build a following. 

  1. Take advantage of credit card deals.

There are countless credit card deals that are always popping up. Managing multiple cards is not always the most fun, but it can yield you significant benefits. Be on the lookout for these deals.

Certain cards offer regular discounts or points where you can use them to get free merchandise or other perks. Some require that you spend a certain amount on the card within the first few months, and others have yearly fees.

If the money that you are getting is greater than your costs, though, they can be a great use of time. Plus, if you are spending a certain amount of money, anyways, might as well try and do so on a card that will give you the maximum benefits in return.

  1. Go thrift shopping and resell the best items.

People turn in some awesome items to thrift stores. Going through the stores to find good deals is both fun and rewarding. You will likely find some items you can resell for a nice profit, and you might even find some cheap things to keep.

If you have any other hidden talents, such as woodworking or sewing, you can repurpose these used items into something new and trendy that others will want. Sites like Etsy and social media platforms are a good place to publicize your “new” items. 

  1. Proofread.

You can get paid to proofread articles, books, and journals today. To be successful, you will need to be meticulous and able to stare at a screen for a while. It’s also important to know your grammar inside and out as well as understand various formats like APA.

For this effort, it can be an enjoyable income stream. Sites like Freelancer can help you find clients. Check online with other freelancers to ensure you charge the going rate. You don’t want to overcharge or sell yourself short. 

  1. Do surveys and studies.

Services like Mechanical Turk will pay you to take surveys, and there are always listings available to ensure regular revenue. The work can be a bit monotonous, but it is typically a mindless way to make money.

You’ll be able to share your opinion as well as potentially try out new products and services that have yet to come to market. 

  1. Keep your email receipts.

You can make money today simply by not deleting receipts that come via email. Earny automatically scans your email for old receipts and matches what you paid to current prices. When there is something being sold for less money, they will help you get the difference back.

This may seem like an insignificant way to make real money, but those pennies add up over time. 

  1. Take advantage of your data.

There are services that will give you money just for offering access to your data. For example, Nielsen gives money away when you let them install a software on your computer. This software tracks your habits.

It might feel scary to give others access to this data, but in many cases, it will have zero impact on you except your bank account will be larger for this tradeoff. 

  1. Make a bet to do something that will improve your life.

If you have a goal you are trying to accomplish, make a bet with someone that you can do it. This could be a great way to lose weight or pick up a new talent. Also, it will incentivize you to actually do so. In the process, you could even make money so it’s a win-win.   

  1. Mystery shopping.

You can get paid to pose as a regular customer for services like pizza delivery. This allows companies to test their customer service. In return, you can will get paid. You have to find the right deals, but doing so offers another effortless way to make money.

It’s important to be detail oriented because the more information you can provide the company, the more likely you are to get more work. 

  1. Become a search engine evaluator.

You can make $12/hour evaluating search engine accuracy. Despite how great we think Google is, they still make mistakes and are willing to pay people to find them.

This is a great way to fill in the time when you are waiting on a freelance project to come through or those Saturday night plans got cancelled. 

  1. Build a website.

Whether it is to sell products, do affiliate marketing, or share insightful content, you can build and monetize a website that delivers an additional revenue stream.

It’s fairly easy to learn how to build a website thanks to online content guides and numerous website development tools that are either free or low-cost. Many of them offer templates and walk you through the process so you can literally be up and running in minutes.

  1. Approach companies for consulting services.

If you have a skill that you think you can help businesses with, then approach them about it. Many companies, even successful ones, struggle in a variety of different areas. If you know what you are doing and can demonstrate that, you could make some serious money.

This could be the case for companies that do not have enough money to hire more people full time but can cover a one-time fee for a project or service.

Hot topics today include SEO, digital marketing, and design. You’ll also be able to find these projects online through agencies like Guru, iFreelance, and others. 

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