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4 Ways Website Owners Can Turn Brain Pickers into Clients

Forking over a tip or two seems reasonable when an acquaintance inquires about about specifics in your field. If done properly, it can be enticing enough to get someone interested in your business without giving away too much insight. Here are ways to potentially turn brain pickers into clients.

  1. Batch respond to questions
    It can be time-consuming to dole out free advice. If you did that all of the time, you wouldn’t be able to make money. You’d be giving away business for free. Make the most of your time and consider answering questions via webinar. Invite all of the people with questions to watch you at a certain time to get some of your best tips. Be sure to include ones that are easy to implement so the person can feel successful right away. You can then pitch a course, product or your services at the end or even invite them to subscribe to get updates about your website content and special offers.
  2. Make a reebie to give away.

    If you get requests over and over regarding the same topic or questions, consider making a freebie around that. These can be used as lead generators. Say you have an email newsletter, have people sign up in order to get a free report, your best tips or a checklist.

    If you’re a social media expert, maybe you can put together a report for getting more followers on Twitter. If you write about money saving tips, maybe you teach people how to cost cut with a 7 Secrets of Saving More PDF. Once you get these people into your email funnel, you can pitch your products and services down the road. When potential clients had time to soak in the free information and buy into you first, maybe later they will consider buying something from you.

  3. Write about it.

    Create written content about their questions as well. They can get their questions answered and you can help multiple people at once who probably have the same question. You can potentially get paid back in page views or perhaps they’ll become a client of yours after seeing you are the right person to hire.  Ask people to share what you wrote to get more page views or readers.

  4. Offer content on Periscope.

    What’s nice about Periscope is people can catch you in real time and chat with you. They can also watch the video later if they aren’t able to attend. People can catch the replay at their convenience. You can even save the video you made and post it elsewhere.  You can also update your current following about it through your email newsletter and get more people to listen to it later.
    Consider placing it on your social media profiles. I tend to find all of my favorite Periscopes through Twitter. What’s nice about chatting this way is people get to see you deliver the content live. I find that the comments are easier to follow than the feed in a Twitter Chat and it feels more personal. This can humanize your brand and establish a deeper connection.

The Bottom Line

If someone asks you details about your business beyond the scope of basic questions, consider using the tips mentioned above to point them to your website. They can receive more information from you without much effort from you and they can potentially become future clients.

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