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The Different Uses of Social Media Explained

The other day I was on Facebook when I saw someone post a question in regards to Twitter. They basically wanted to know what the point of Twitter was because they didn’t see any advantage to using it.

The reality is that different social media channels have different uses. Business owners use the different channels for entirely different reasons, and which ones they choose often times depends on their market and what they are trying to accomplish.

Unfortunately, many people just assume they need to be on every social media channel because it probably hasn’t been properly explained to them. That’s why we’re striving to have social media explained once and for all. The first step in having social media explained properly is to know what the different uses are for each channel.


Facebook is fantastic for a few reasons. First, it’s the largest social media channel there is, which means you’re target market is already on there. This can help you find new leads, clients, share your work and establish your expertise on a website most people are already spending half their day on anyway.

When trying to have social media explained, you can’t really talk about Facebook without also mentioning Facebook ads. Facebook allows you to target specific audiences with their ads. They are low cost and extremely effective for boosting your influence, driving traffic to your site and building your email list.

I’ve been experimenting with them myself recently and I’ve been able to get Facebook engagement and website traffic for as little as $0.17 a click.


Twitter used to be hailed as a good source of traffic but I’ve never really seen it have any benefit in that respect. However, I have seen benefits in the form of boosting my online presence, having conversations with potential clients and getting media mentions.

You see, writers and journalists really like Twitter to find quotes and story ideas. Additionally, the more of a following you have the more you are seen as an expert in your field.


You can’t have social media explained without diving into Pinterest. Pinterest’s genius can be summed up in three words: insane website traffic.

People are constantly on Pinterest looking for how-tos and helpful information. It’s like Google but with pretty images. Additionally, unlike Google, your content can be shared over and over again. That’s why it’s a brilliant platform to use if you’re looking for a low-cost way boost traffic to your website and grab potential leads.


Instagram is also an excellent tool for boosting traffic and engaging with your audience. In fact, I think Instagram may beat out my Twitter account for engagement and conversation (or they are very close).

For me, Instagram makes total sense because I market myself as a millennial money expert. Guess where millennials spend a whole lot of time? Instagram. Additionally, since Instagram is now a part of Facebook, you can also get really low-cost traffic and clicks.

While I’m not sure if everyone needs to be on Instagram, it is something I would encourage you to consider depending on your market. A key part of having social media explained in a way that actually makes sense is to simply understand where your market is and how they are communicating. For more on how to use different social media channels I highly recommend checking out Amy Porterfield.

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