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3 Business That Are Perfect for Stay at Home Moms

You’ve likely heard a lot about work from home jobs, but it’s hard to know which companies are worthwhile and legitimate. So, the best way to approach working from home is to actually start your own business. This sounds a lot harder than it is, and there’s truly no one better to run a small business than a stay at home mom since you already know how to multitask. Here are some examples:

Start a Social Media Management Company

There is a huge need for social media management. This is a skill that many moms already have if they grew up in the Internet age. Take the time you currently spend on Facebook and transform that into money making power by working with clients and companies to help their brands grow. There are many training platforms online or you can watch several YouTube videos to learn how to use social media scheduling software, like Hootsuite. Once you learn how to do that, you can start to approach clients and ask them if they need help with their social media. Then, scale it over time by working with more and more businesses and raising your prices as you go once you get better at your craft as time goes on.

Start Learning How to Design Websites

Web design is a skill that you can learn relatively quickly using an online course, YouTube videos, or attending an intensive class in person at a location near you. If you’ve always loved drawing or graphic design, a web design course will teach you how to take those skills and learn how to code so you can then create beautiful digital masterpieces. This is a skill that you can use to start your own business, whether you charge people to design blogs or help out small businesses in your town by making their web presence look more professional. It doesn’t take a lot of monetary investment to learn; you just have to put the time in initially to learn a skill you can use for a lifetime.

Become a Lifestyle Photographer

If you’re especially great with kids and love the idea of starting a creative business, you might want to look into becoming a photographer, especially if it involves a specialty in children and family photography as there is a great need for that in today’s society. Photography is a skill and an art that takes many years to cultivate, but you have to start somewhere. Typically lifestyle photographers can photograph in natural light, which eliminates the need for studio space or indoor lighting equipment. You don’t even have to buy expensive equipment or editing programs right away. Start with your current camera or a small upgrade. Offer free sessions to new moms and continue to work at your craft and raise your prices until you have a nice business that you can run from your home.

Ultimately, stay at home moms have so many options when it comes to starting their own businesses from home. Don’t feel like you have to sell products for another company or take surveys online. Many moms have the skills, talent, and potential to create amazing six figure businesses. You just have to start!

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