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Author: Catherine Collins Alford


  • Author of Mom's Got Money: A Millennial Mom's Guide to Managing Money Like a Boss. (Wiley, April 2021)
  • Interviewed on Good Morning America for Overcoming Financial Challenges
  • Named the Best Personal Finance Blogger in 2014

About Catherine Collins Alford

Catherine Collins Alford is a nationally recognized author of the book Mom's Got Money, an award-winning freelance writer, and the co-founder of


After teaching college for 2 years, Cat decided to pursue her passion of personal finance and personal development. She has since taught millions of people how to get out of debt. Over the years, her writing and expertise have been featured in dozens of media outlets including Good Morning America, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, Real Simple, The Huffington Post, Kiplinger, Investopedia, Business Insider, and many more. Wrote the book Mom's Got Money: A Millennial Mom's Guide to Managing Money Like a Boss. (Wiley, April 2021)


Cat has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in History from William & Mary University in 2009. She went on to graduate with a Master of Arts degree from Virginia Tech in 2011.

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