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7 Ways You’re Unknowingly Wasting Money

Many, many people are confused as to why they have never seem to get ahead with their finances. They never seem to have anything left at the end of the month. But this post can help turn all of that around. This post will shed light on the dark areas of your finances. Then you can turn them around. If you work hard and pay attention to your money, a lack of funds really shouldn’t be an issue.

Ways You’re Unknowingly Wasting Money

1. You’ve Adopted the American Way of Driving Without Realizing It

Americans drive a ton. On average, we drive about 15,000 miles per year and spend an hour each day in a car just on commuting. Most people grab their keys before even considering whether or not they should drive, ride a bike, walk, get public transportation or maybe even just stay home.

Instead, rethink how you drive. Combine trips. A vehicle’s engine requires the most fuel when starting cold so if you combine your trips, you’ll use less fuel.

Consider a different method of travel. Yes, getting in a car is easy. But if you feel like you’re broke, driving a lot isn’t going to help. You may even want to go as far as moving closer to work or closer to a public transportation hub.

If you must drive, get a fuel efficient vehicle. Consider getting one with a manual transmission as they normally get better mileage than an automatic.

2. You Always Think Restaurants Are an Option

If you’re low on funds – don’t even consider going to a restaurant. As Dave Ramsey says, the only time you should be in a restaurant is if you’re working there.

Instead, make your meals in home. If you think it takes too much time, cook in bulk and portion meals out for an entire week. Do this on a lazy Sunday evening. Once you get into a routine of doing this – it’ll almost be harder to go to a restaurant than open your fridge.

3. You Own Things You Don’t Use

Stuff. If you think you have too much – sell it. Craigslist is easy. For specialty items that can be shipped, head to eBay. Get rid of everything you haven’t used in the past 2 months – except seasonal items like Christmas lights. Selling everything you don’t use may earn you thousands just like that.

4. You Have Things That Are Too Great for Your Requirements (And Happiness)

Focus on value. Do you own things that are just ridiculous given your situation (and thus a poor value)? These are things like a luxury SUV when you’d be just as happy with a fun little fuel-efficient car.

Do you always vacation to Europe each summer when you haven’t even explored New England? Do you own a Macbook Pro when a $400 Dell would make you just as happy?

5. You’re Not Patient When It Comes to Shopping

Deals come to those who wait. Wait for sales. Or wait to buy a used item off eBay that sells for a low bid.

The struggle to this style of shopping is that it takes patience. But the reward is that you always get to be shopping and it’s a lot of fun when you strike a sale or win that Dell computer on eBay.

6. You’re Too Lazy to Negotiate Your Bills

It’s important not to overpay on your bills. That’s because they continue month after month. So consider negotiating them. Most people who negotiate are successful. And you’ll be saving money month after month thereafter.

7. You Buy the Expensive Stuff Without Trying the Cheaper Stuff First

This applies especially to grocery shopping. Have you always bought the name-brand items without first trying the generic version? Maybe the generic version is just as good. Why not give it a try? Most stores, like Walmart, will let you return the item if it’s truly terrible.


And that’s it! If you apply each one of these suggestions in your life, you’ll likely have more money than you need. Then you can spend it in a truly fulfilling fashion. Or donate it. Or leave it as an inheritance. Or do whatever!

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