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Philip Fisher – Price Is Nothing Without Value

Updated on February 18th, 2021
Philip Fisher - Price Is Nothing Without Value

“The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.”

-Philip Fisher

You wouldn’t always think so, but price is actually very different from value. Take for example my experience a few days ago at the grocery store; I was making the choice between a deliciously unhealthy treat, and a more healthy vegetable. In the end, the lower price made me choose the healthy option (I only had a few dollars at the time). Perhaps a pretty cheesy example, but in this case the price tag was higher on the far less valuable food.

This happens more often in our lives than we might recognize, when something may be pricey, but not actually valuable to us in the end. Let’s try to distinguish the pricey from the truly valuable and make careful decisions that will lead to the better outcome not only for our bodies, but for our wallets and our time.


Angela Ruth

Angela Ruth

Angela Ruth is a financial writer at Due. She has a passion for helping people get out of debt and live a better life.

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