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4 Ways to Make Your Freelance Pitch Stand Out From the Rest


Freelancing and pitching go hand in hand. Even if you have a solid network and can get client referrals, it’s important to know how to pitch properly.

Pitching is a great skill to have because it ensures that you’ll always have work if you do it well. Even if you suddenly lose clients, you can start pitching to establish new client relationships and get your income back up.

The major problem most freelancers face is not knowing how to pitch effectively. Check out these ways to make your freelance pitch stand out from the rest so you can land the job.

1. Make it a Little Personal

Some people say that business and personal topics should never intersect. Those people probably just don’t know how to be professional and personal at the same time.

Adding a personal touch to your pitch can set it apart when a prospect receives tons of pitches daily. When you personalize a pitch, make it strategic. Do some research on the business or the person you’re emailing. See if they’ve attended a networking event that you also might have a connection with or if they recently shared something on Twitter that you agree with.

If the client has published an article, case study, or other news that you can comment on or offer feedback on, use this opportunity to personalize your pitch. That way, your email won’t get lost or forgotten about.

2. Focus on the Client’s Needs

Don’t make the mistake of sending a pitch that solely focuses on you and your strengths. Sure, it’s important to prove to the client that you’re experienced and capable, but it’s crucial that you focus on highlighting their biggest obstacles and how you can help solve them.

Clients hire freelancers to provide a service that solves an underlying problem. Whether the client doesn’t have the time, the skill set, or whatever it may be, it’s important for you to demonstrate how you can fill that gap.

3. Include References

While including work samples sound like a no-brainer, you should also consider including testimonials or contact information for references.

Some clients ask to speak to references anyway so this could save some time and accelerate the hiring process. In other cases, it just adds to your credibility.

People want to know that you have experience and provide high-quality work and instead of just praising yourself, you can really prove it by including 1-2 sentence testimonials and case study summaries from past clients.

4. Provide a Free Suggestion or Tip

The idea of serving before you collect is so important in running a business including offering freelance services. While I’m not a big fan of working for free, I still believe that you can provide prospects with a taste of what you can do to make your freelance pitch stand out.

If you’re a writer, offer 2-3 topic ideas that you’d love to write for the potential client. If you’re a graphic designer, see if you can send some branding tips and custom ideas during a pitch.

Another example would be to send some grammar/editorial improvement suggestions if you’re an editor, or an SEO tip that the client can take action on ASAP if you run an SEO consulting business.

Offering to help and providing small nuggets of value as early as the pitching stage is a great way to help your freelance pitch stand out from the rest and ensure you get a response.


Pitching is a skill that anyone can develop but it’s crucial to have if you freelance and want to be in business for a long time. It may seem competitive to pitch clients but you’ll want to focus on little things you can do to make your freelance pitch stand out from the rest.

Keep the strategies in mind when you’re sending your next pitch so you can find out what works best for you and win a new client.


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