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Here are 6 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Freelancer

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Losing motivation is quite easy especially in a career like freelancing. There is little certainty with regards to things such as monthly earnings and client acquisition. It’s even easier to lose motivation when you’re into freelancing for the money and haven’t grown passion for what you do. Key to long term success is to stay motivated as a freelancer.

Unfortunately, in the long run, a loss of motivation is likely to stifle your progress as freelancer. To be successful, you’ve got to stay motivated and tackle the challenges that beset.

In this article, I’ll tell you 6 ways to stay motivated throughout your freelance career. They include

1. Enjoy What you Do

As mentioned earlier, some people go into freelancing for the money and end up not having passion for what they do. This is probably the best way to end up frustrated, if you ask me. Truth is: no one gets contented by doing what he or she doesn’t love. If you’ve got wavering commitment towards something, several things could go wrong.

To not end up frustrated, you need to grow passion for the freelance life. Most importantly, ensure what you’re doing is what you really love. Don’t choose to be a content marketer if you’d make a good designer. Don’t choose to be a web developer if you’d be more satisfied with being an SEO specialist.

Make your job what you enjoy, not endure.

2. Know Why you Do What you Do

Always keep in mind your hopes and aspirations. When you feel down, look back at where you’re coming from and stare at where you’re headed. You probably must have good reasons to choose the freelance life. Don’t let go of your intentions by being a defeatist. Always remember that nothing comes easy.

3. Know What You Do:

By knowing what you do, I mean possessing sufficient knowledge in what you claim to be an expert in. Always keep in mind that you can’t offer what you don’t have. One of the greatest challenges you’d face as a freelancer is satisfying clients, and turns out that no client will be impressed by a poorly done job.

So, you should educate yourself on your chosen niche. Have an open mind. Learn new things. Stay open to criticisms. Be in a constant bid for self-improvement.

4. Shun Negativities

To succeed at anything, you have to turn blind eyes and deaf ears to negativities. In your daily life you may experience situations that might force you to re-think your status as a freelancer. In fact, you may be nudged into taking to heart a destructive criticism and ditching your freelance career. j

The best way to stay focused is to such shun undue negativities because they really don’t matter. Keep your eyes on the prize.

5. Crave Support

if you’re going to stay motivated as a freelancer, support is going to go a long way. Surround yourself with positive energy. Be close to people who make you have feelings of self-worth and support your career, come what may. These people may be family, friends and/or colleagues.

6. Keep Moving

 Take freelancing to be a bicycle – the best way to keep your balance while riding is by moving. So, keep at it. Strive hard to grow your business and let success make up for the hard work. Like a rowing coach, Micheal Spracklen, asserted, “the best form of motivation is progress.”

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